Some astrological queary about love


thank u for answering me. But i want to ask u some questions. My Birth data(17/7/1988, 4:15am , contai ,west bengal india) my ASC- gemini, my 7th & 5th lord Jupiter n venus posited in 12th means combination of 5th n 7th in 12th means love loss, in respect of my moon sign(LEO) saturn is 7th lord which is posited in 5th Sagittarius means love relationship. Also rahu or dragon head is in 9th house according to gemini Ascendant (means out of tradionalsiam)... also according to Ascendant Gemini 7th lord Jupiter combined with venus 12th(indicator of love).. also saturn 9th lord in 7th means tradionalsiam.. so my question is whether all this indications(5th and 7th) is not enough to fullfill a relationship (MAY BE EXISTING OR NEW RELATIONSHIPS) into marrige? Plz explain it ... i an extremely anxious and worried about it😱😱😱😭. Plese say your explanations also how can send my palm pic to you

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