The Female Dragon in Love

Broad-minded and forthright in character, female Dragons are considerate and loved by many men. In love relationship, they like to play tricks yet act as if they are very tender and behaved. In their eyes, love at first sight is the best. Once they fall in love, they would be completely in, tell all the thoughts or things, whether good or bad for them, to their boyfriends and almost have no knowledge about self-protection.

Female Dragons' Attitude towards Love

Love is not the top priority for Dragon girls and much courage and patience are required to pursue them. Many a time, love is inferior to work for female Dragons. If you want to pursue a girl under the Dragon sign, you'd better assist her in career in addition to speaking sugared words and make her feel you are the most powerful. Also, you have to be more accomplished than her, or she will think you are just a little man.

How Should Female Dragons Maintain Love Relationship?

Women born in Dragon years long for the good love and hope their partners can be the perfect men. Sometimes, they may lose their heads in a relationship and blindly glorify all the faults of their boyfriends, creating the false impression of "he is my perfect man". They hope to win the affirmation of others on their love and on their taste of choosing boyfriends. Although this is a kind of white lie which can comfort their perfectionism in a certain way, the true features will be hidden away if they indulge in it. Therefore, Dragon girls are suggested not to glorify their love blindly.

How to Know How Much a Female Dragon Loves You

The gentle, kindly and sociable Dragon women are always the focus at parties and they enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by a lot of people. That's why they have a well-connected social circle in life. If you find your Dragon girl becomes less interested in social activities, only wants to be with you and cares about every of your eye contact and word, it means she wants to settle down and enjoy the sweet times together with you. She may want to spend more time with you or marry you after getting the inner peace.

What Kind of Men Do Dragon Women Like?

1) Handsome Men
Smart, capable and mighty as they are in daily life, female Dragons are senior face-judgers. Men can have no money but must be handsome to match Dragon women. In life, they prefer the handsome men to those of average-look and even would refuse the latter directly. 
2) Men Respecting Women
As feminists, female Dragons advocate equality between men and women and fight against discrimination. In their opinions, women can accomplish everything same with, even better than men and deserve the equal rights. Because of this, they tend to be attracted by men who respect women and dislike those who are average in ability and show no respect for women. 
3) Mature and Steady Men
In general, girls under the Dragon sign are pretty and competent, thus always pursued by boys. But they are quite demanding in choosing partners and prefer the handsome and gifted men. Hence, they show no resistance to mature and handsome men. 

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