Female Dragon Personality Traits

Female Dragons, with lofty ideals and a strong sense of responsibility, can work consciously for the benefit of others and do everything in a bold and resolute manner. They like to fight fiercely and indomitably and choose to go right to the end with what they have begun. With leaders' glamour, Dragon women always attract others to abide by them. Since they are always treated with smile, they tend to stand high above the masses, behave in an opinionated way and even take their own course.

In daily life, they prefer natural beauty to dressing up excessively. With a strong sense of pride, they are condescending yet unwilling to be treated like a sage. What they want is only the proper respect. Through their clothing, you can find that they are serious and love the sensible clothes best. Female Dragons advocate women's political participation and equality between men and women and they would fly into a rage on the discrimination against women.

Dragon women tend to be in a passive position as for love and relationship. Fortunately, they are generous and hospitable, set strict demands on themselves, and win the love and pursuit of others with their honesty and enthusiasm. Generally speaking, they lead a nice marriage life.

When it comes to career, female Dragons tend to focus on the creative work and ignore their marriage, thus the typical modern professional women. In general, they would get married late since they are career-oriented.


Open and Bighearted
Female Dragons are open and bighearted. For example, they are forgiving, never quibble over trifle things in life and would forgive rather than hold grudges about other people's mistakes. In this way, they can face life in a calm way and rarely feel depressed about the hardships in life.

Energetic and Able-bodied
In sound health, the energetic Dragon women can always stay in a vigorous spirit at work and seldom express the exhaust side when working with others. Therefore, they are often regarded as the energetic people.

Generous and Considerate
The generous and considerate side of female Dragons lies in that they are friendly and caring for their families and friends and usually the most popular one due to their frank, enthusiastic and generous personality. Since they often think from others' perspectives, they are regarded considerate yet sometimes a little stubborn and opinionated.


Sometimes, the careless personality of Dragon women can be a flaw. For example, they always make no explanation because they just have no awareness of it. When you stay with them, you will find they are so dazed that they often need others to remind.

The emotional female Dragons are good at hiding away their real side yet cannot control their mood. Whenever they encounter hardships or failures hard to face, they would lose temper in an unpredictable manner. Because of this, they are always marginalized by others.

Proud and Grandiose
Dragon women, always in a high rack, are proud and grandiose. However, they can hardly stand the test and would flee when defeated. That means they are less indomitable. In daily life, Dragon women, though talented and capable, are usually in a passive position due to their proud and grandiose side.

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