The Male Dragon in Love

The intelligent, gifted and elegant male Dragons attach great importance to the look, soul and talent of women while choosing a partner. They appreciate independent and excellent women of insightful view. Since they are aggressive and domineering and can hardly consider how others feel, their partners have to be tolerant enough to maintain the long relationship. Meanwhile, men born in Dragon years are family-oriented and care about their parents, so they would treat their parents-in-law well if their partners are kind to theirs.

Male Dragons' Attitude towards Love

Male Dragons are trustworthy, responsible, practical and passionate. Possessive in love, they care about their girlfriends and hope to know their whereabouts inside out. They take love so serious that they would do everything in their power to create a happy and joyful environment for their loved ones.

How Should Male Dragons Maintain Love Relationship?

Self-centered and proud, Dragon men lay emphasis on their own feelings and sometimes unconsciously ignore their girlfriends', leading to the arguments in love. If they want to maintain the relationship well, they'd better restrain the pride, learn to make appropriate concessions and listen more to each other, so as to get along better and better.

How to Know How Much a Male Dragon Loves You

If a Dragon man is in you, he would become childish and imitate you like a kid. He would try to develop the same hobbies with you and follow your dressing style, even living habits.

Besides, settling down is more important than love for male Dragons. If your Dragon man has not settled down, he might not change for you even if you are the true love. Keep waiting firmly, or you may end up with break-up. Once he is settled down, he would think about "our families have to live in harmony", take you to his home to ask his parents for advice and then visit your parents to do the same. Finally, he would coordinate to the best possible state before marrying you. Therefore, if you want to figure out how much your boyfriend under the Dragon sign loves you, you may check from this.

What Kind of Women Do Dragon Men Like?

1) Tender and Tolerant Women
Competent and considerate as they are, male Dragons can be short-tempered and chauvinistic, and easily hurt others with words. As a result, they need to marry women who can take care of them and be inclusive to their flaws in daily life. 
2) Considerate and Family-oriented Women
The able male Dragons can establish a successful career. For them, family is quite important but they are weak in housekeeping. Therefore, they need the considerate and family-oriented women to take care of family, so that they can move forward and make achievements in career without the worries behind. 
3) Like-minded Women
Generally speaking, Dragon men boast good conditions and ability and they hope to find the like-minded partners. In this way, they can share the common interests and topics and get close with each other. 

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