Personality for Dog People of B Type Blood

The joky attitude of Dog people of B-type blood often leaves a disgraceful and naive impression to others yet they don't feel that way. They are ready to offer help yet are more of a hindrance than a help, making others embarrassing. In daily life, they are good at letting go and treat everything with due diligence. Also, Dogs of B-type blood are fond of drinking and gambling and lead a dissolute life.


With a dedicated personality, Dog people of B blood type are down to earth and seldom give up the initial ideal and goal due to the loss of interest or the obstruction. They know black from white, hold a great sense of justice and hate evil as their enemy. Decent and talented, they are above flattery and get used to living on their own. Meanwhile, they are straightforward, speak frankly and sincerely and usually look down upon those who play tricks and betray friends. Loyal and devoted to friends, they will pull out all stops once their friends are in troubles. Taking friendship as an important part of life, they never change about but cherish the friends selected forever. B-type Dogs are good-natured, grateful and heartily sympathize with the suffering poor people. In spite of the ordinary life, they have a sweet and enviable family, are whole-hearted, caring and dedicated to their partners and never expect something in return, only wishing the other in happiness. Therefore, they often enjoy a happy marriage and take care of their partners as before marriage. B-type Dogs share and lessen worry of their partners, work hard and worry about children and family, and would do their best to ensure the family a best life.


Dog people of B-type blood are quite stubborn and often immerse in sadness, depression and other bad moods no matter how others advise and comfort, thus have the normal work, study and life affected. They are self-willed and do whatever they want, which will leave a bad impression though won't hurt others. They get used to their own lifestyles and would persist their old ways no matter how others talk about their inflexible and dull attitude. Generally, B-type Dogs live an ordinary life with neither big twists and turns nor great progress and change, and enjoy a dull life at the bottom of society.


Learn to let off and release the bad moods by singing loudly, doing exercises or rejoicing with wild excitement rather than depressing, or the health will be affected. Male Dogs of B-type blood are suggested to find a gentle, refined, lively and cheerful wife. Female Dogs of B-type blood are suggested to find a competent, prudent, aggressive, and optimistic husband.