Personality for Dog People of A Type Blood

Dog people of A-type blood are honest and faithful, yet ineloquent. Most of them are nervous, empty-headed, highly dependent, devoted to their duty and trusted by leaders and friends. A-type Dogs are regardless of personal gain or loss and often feel inferior in a love relationship.


Dogs of A blood type are honest, reliable, loyal and devoted to friends and career and they have a clear cut stand on what to love and what to hate. For them, ''a drop of water in need, shall be returned with a spring in deed.'' Once their friends are in troubles, they will do their level best and have a strong sense of justice to defend against injustice. As a result, they are quite popular among friends who are proud to be with them and would come out boldly when they need help. Upright, plain, straightforward and lofty, Dog people of A-type blood never go to vulgar, fawn on or try tricks and plot. In career, they have indomitable will, can bear hardships and stand hard work, dare to struggle and build up in youth, thus often make initial success in middle age and become more promising later. They set a high value on love, give care in every possible way and seldom refuse a request from their partners. Throughout the whole life, they yearn for the pure and sincere love and hate playing, thus very popular among girls. They are family-oriented and do everything for family after marriage.


They are too honest to consider the manner and may make many enemies in work. Once the Dogs of A-type blood make a mistake, the enemies will rise together to expel them and exaggerate the mistake. Sometimes, their out-spoken criticism makes their friends unable to back down with good grace, bear grudge and even break up with them. In a love relationship, they tend to be in a weak position for a long time, which will make their partners get used to bossing around and affect the long-term development of relationship. The attachment to family often makes them miss the chance for career development.


Dogs of A blood type shall pay attention to strategies in work and communication. In particular, they are suggested to be mild and indirect and save face for others when pointing out a mistake. Sometimes, their efforts are not paid back and they need to take a devious path to hit the mark quickly. In a love relationship, the meticulous care and absolute loyalty are necessary but they should not lose themselves and be the servant of partner, because only the equal status and personality can lead to the long love.
Male Dogs of A-type blood are suggested to find a virtuous, gentle, quiet, charming and pretty wife who can keep a husband at home and serve as a loyal assistant. Female Dogs of A-type blood are suggested to find a bold, handsome, humorous, optimistic and cheerful husband.

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