Interesting Articles for Parm Reading - A Full Guide to Palmistry

Can the Length of the Life Line Predict Longevity?

At present, there is a misconception that if the life line is long, the person's life will be long and vice versa. Can the length of the life line predict longevity?

Palm Reading for Love or Arranged Marriage

The way to successful love or marriage varies: some get it through free love, some through the parents' arrangement and some through the match of friends, colleagues, and even "matchmakers". Will your marriage be based on the true love or the arranged direction. Check your palm to get the prediction.

Is Palmistry Believable?

Palm reading is a mystical art frequently used by fortune tellers for telling people's fortunes and luck. Many people wonder if palmistry is true. Is it believable?

Who is Your Life Partner by Palmistry?

Palmistry tells your destiny through the shape and combination of lines on your palms. You can know about your future partner (husband/wife) through these pretty simple ways.

What Woman Could Marry a Rich Man by Palmistry?

Many women wish to marry a rich man and live a comfortable life. Do you want to know whether you can marry a rich man? Read your palm and learn the palmistry features of marrying a rich man to know.

What Does It Mean To Have Scars In Fingers?

As an element of astrology, scar can be either auspicious or inauspicious. How will scars affect a person's life and fortune in palmistry? Will one's destiny be changed by these scars?

Could Palm Surgery Change Your Future?

In recent years, a new business rises in Japan and South Korea, which is changing the palm lines for people who are not satisfied with their palmistry by having surgery on their hands in order to change their future. Could palm surgery change their destiny and future?

When Will You Get Married?

Worrying about when you will get married? you can read your palms to know the answer. Marriage line, heart line and finger length can tell when you are most likely to get married.

What Does Having Too Many Lines on Palm Indicate?

The messy palm lines indicate the messy mind and vice versa. If there are too many lines on your palm, it means you often go off into wild flights of fancy and your mind is restless, which brings you many troubles.

Signs and Marks for Winning Lottery in Palmistry

Do you often complain about never winning a lottery or always lose the gamble? What are the signs and marks for winning lottery in palmistry? Check whether you will win a lottery by checking your hands!

Palm for Female Most Popular with Men

If your Mount of Venus is plump, you will be popular among men. A plump Mount of Mercury also suggests the popularity with men. If you have a developed and prominent, Mount of Luna, you will also be popular among men.

Lines for Extramarital Affairs in Palmistry

No doubt an affair is a killer of a happy family. What types of people are more likely to have an extramarital affair? What are the palmistry signs for extramarital affairs?

How Many Marriages Will You Have in Life?

When it comes to marriage, a lot of people hope to live together for an entire lifetime but very few can live peacefully in dozens of years and some may even divorce. By reading palm, you can learn how many times of marriage you will have in life.

Do Scars on Palm Change a Person's Fate or Personality?

How do scars affect one's destiny? Do scars on palm change a person's fate or personality? In fact, scars on hand cannot be simply defined as good or bad - it depends on the stage of life.

Head Line Reveals Suitable Career Path

What is the suitable profession for you? The direction, radian and starting point of the head line often reveal a lot about your career! You can choose a career by looking at the head line.

Simian Line in Palmistry

If the head line and heart line overlap into a single line, it is called Simian Line, Simian Crease or Single Transverse Palmar Crease. For men, it symbolizes the ability to create wealth. For women, it indicates the hard life, to loved ones and high probability of divorce.