Knuckles Size and Length Meanings

Knuckle Meanings

The four fingers - index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger - are all made up of three segments of knuckles. Among them, the first knuckle segment at the top of the finger represents spirit, the second knuckle section in the middle represents reality, and the third knuckle section at the bottom represents material.

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Knuckle Size

There are two joints or knuckles on each finger. Some people have joints that protrude outward and are thick, while others are smooth. Some people have smooth finger lines, while others have uneven finger lines, and the difference lies in the size of the knuckles.
People with large knuckles give others a sense of toughness, have a strong desire for knowledge and a spirit of learning, an organized mind, and a careful and fearful approach to things. Generally, they are mostly scholars or researchers. People with big knuckles are mostly Oriental people, who value spirit over materialism, fame over wealth, and they are devoted to enriching their spiritual world all their lives. Fingers with prominent bones show a strong analytical thinking ability. People with this type of finger are not easily fooled by superficial phenomena and they like to analyze things in depth based on facts and logical analysis. They usually lack initiative and are not easily able to express their feelings in a straightforward manner. They are suitable for research work in psychology or theology. Because they are accustomed to being self-centered, they plan a lot but cannot put them into practice one by one. They lack the ability to coordinate, and have clear likes and dislikes towards others. They can easily fall into self-absorption.
People with prominent knuckles are thoughtful and cautious, and will not argue with others face to face, but they will take advantage of the opportunity to do something surprising and daring. Among them, people with higher first knuckles are organized and have the ability to do what they say without delay; while people with higher second knuckles have a tendency to pay attention to trivial details and have a habit of cleanness. People with large first and second joints are cautious, responsive, and have an instinct for improvisation. Such kind of finger with both larger upper and lower joints is called "philosophical finger", while a finger with only one larger lower joint is called "material finger". People with a "material finger" place great importance on neatness and most of them are neat freaks.
People with small finger joints and smooth finger lines are intelligent, witty, sensitive and quick to do things. They are used to making judgments based on their intuition, so they act impulsively. People with this type of finger are intuitive, but impulsive. They are impatient and tired of dealing with details. They are impatient and are tired of dealing with details. They make decisions based on intuition and inspiration rather than careful analysis of the elements, so it is difficult to get a successful result. In the process of interaction and communication, they are aware of their feelings, such as anger, fondness and pleasure, and they can express them easily. If the fingers are short and smooth, they tend to show characteristics such as impulsiveness, impatience, and aversion to details. If the fingers are long and smooth, they belong to the rational group, are good at analysis and more cautious in making decisions.

Knuckle Length

If the first knuckle is the longest, it means that the person likes to meditate.
If the second knuckle is the longest, it shows that the person has strong hands-on ability.
If the third knuckle is long and thick, it indicates that the person places more importance on the material side of life, or physical needs such as money, food, etc. One thing that must be noted is that the length ratio between the knuckles may vary from finger to finger.
If the third knuckle is the thinnest when comparing the three knuckles and there is a gap between them, it indicates that the person is broad-minded, friendly, and generous with money and emotions. The larger the gap between the knuckles, the weaker the person's ability to control and accumulate money, and their money is often used for others.