Fingerprint Palmistry

What is fingerprint?

Fingerprint lines refer to the lines on your finger tip opposite to the fingernail. In the world, you couldn’t find two persons with the completely same fingerprint. Therefore, it’s greatly used as one of the important clues in crime investigation. As we know, the palm lines could change during one’s life with his change of character and attitude towards life. However, the lines of fingerprint would remain the same without any change from a person’s birth date to his death. Also, it’s hard to copy. What does your fingerprint say about you? By reading your fingerprint, you could get your main personality in nature and some other characters.

Basic Patterns of Fingerprint

There are two basic patterns of fingerprints. One is Whorl and the other is Loop. The Whorl fingerprint is spiral whorl turning from inside to the outside. While the Loop print is unclosed and looks like a U-turn.

How to Read Fingerprint?

Which Hand to Read: The male should read the left hand the female should check the right hand.

Sequence: Thumb – Index Finger – Middle Finger – Ring Finger – Little Finger

O=Whorl X=Loop

xooxo---You have transcendental social skills and could figure things out fully.
xooxx---You usually have lofty ideals and stronger organize and correspond abilities. So, you can win general popularity among others and get success. However, you may expect to meet with failure because of the opposite sex.
oxxxo---You are smooth-tongued, full of tricks and usually self-centered.
oxoxo--- You are sensitive, good at social activities and like to show off.
xoxox---You are reasonable, good at social activities but usually have no plan to do things.
ooxox---You are handy and capable. You appear to be a quick-tempered person while you usually could keep calm when problems crop up.
oxoxx---You are a person with much curiosity. Although you are ambitious and farsighted, you are easy to fail.  
oooox---You are a person of word and also has some abilities. While you are changeful in mind and not a person of firm decisions.
ooxoo---You are outgoing and usually have a lot of friends. In addition, you could do good in work.
oxoox---You have a passionate nature and transcends the others far in beauty and intelligence. Also you like to assume and are reasonable.
oxxox---You are usually hard during the yourth time. As long as you could make great effort in work, you could get a footing in society and have a good fortune.
xoxoo---You are confident and usually behave in a mature way. However, you are easy to bring destruction upon yourself.
oxxxx--- You are compliant and outspoken. At the same time, you are good at getting along with people around and have great tact in dealing with people.
xxoxo--- You are of stable and passionate characters. While you like to boast and seldom finish things independently.
xooox---You are active, patient, and of strong emotions. Although you have strong self-respect, you usually accept assignment.
xxooo---You are wealthy in compassion. While, you lack consideration when doing things which cause you always get frustrations.
ooooo---You are confident, active, healthy and have outstanding leadership. However, you are easy to have setbacks.
xxxxo---You are tactful and cunning.
xxoxx---You are deft, clever and also stubborn sometimes.
oxxoo---You are passionate and willing to help others.
oooxx---You are person of word and kind-hearted.
xxxox---You are experienced, and conscientious and steady in work.
ooxxo---You are selfish, sensual and would not like to listen to other’s advice. Therefore, you are easy to have setbacks.
oxooo---You are blessed with good luck. In personality, you are strong-minded and imaginative.
xxoox---You are with strong character and sometimes enthusiastic.
xoooo--- You are irritable and have strong self-respect. You are not only a person of words but deeds.
ooxxx---You have an inextinguishable passion for knowledge and have a strong character. So, you usually are accomplished with both the pen and the sword.
xoxxx---You are just and fair, hospitable and good at social activities.
oooxo---You usually touch things off to the nines, however say one thing and mean another.
xxxxx---You are gentle, modest, honest and patient in character.
xxxoo---You are lively but are easy to be ruled by passions and often overrate your own abilities.

10 Whorls and 10 Loops on Fingers

A person with 10 whorls and one with 10 loops are the good match in marriage made in heaven. They are of completely different characters which are complementary with each other. One is strong and the other is weak. One is active and the other is passive. They attract each other and couldn’t quarrel when meet disputes. In Chinese folk, they are the perfect match and could live happily if live together.

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