Space between Fingers in Palmistry

Between your fingers are four gaps (interdigital folds) which reflect your personality, behavior, fortune, achievement and thought.

Put your hand in a relaxed position and read the space

If the fingers are keeping equal and wide space, it means you love freedom and have bold and enthusiastic thought and action.
If the space between middle finger and ring finger is narrow, it reveals that you enjoy the freedom but just cannot let go of some pending issues and deal with affairs very cautiously. You are thoughtful and always make a detailed and reasonable plan for the future.
If the space between middle finger and ring finger is wide, it means you are unrestrained, hate to observe the pro forma bondage and have less worry and planning for the future due to the good living environment or material conditions. You may make effort at the last moment or completely ignore something.
If the space between index finger and middle finger is wide, it means you are independent in thinking, dislike any interference with your words or thoughts and tend to be self-willed and stubborn.
If the space between ring finger and little finger is wide, it shows that you don't like to be bound by any form or any interference with your actions; you'd rather be maverick than under control and have an independent mind.
If your finger tip trembles slightly when you open your hand, it means you are suffering from mental fatigue or neurasthenia, or you have accumulated too much nicotine, alcohol or drug in your body. You are swayed by considerations of gain and loss and may have sexual dysfunction!

Relax your hand and fold the fingers together to read the space

If there is no space between fingers, it suggests you are careful, thoughtful, conservative, thrifty, practical, yet a little selfish, stubborn and inflexible. If there is no space and your fingers are soft, it means you will be engaged in lofty and steady work, can make a lot of wealth and enjoy glory and splendor!
If the fingers are keeping wide space, it reveals that you are ambitious and reckless, bark at the moon for the future and persist your own way. Bold and generous, you are thoughtless, lack of economic views and often suffer financial losses! Especially if the heart line runs across the index finger or middle finger, it means you are extravagant and cannot keep wealth for the whole life! 
If the space between index finger and middle finger is wide, it means you never stick to trifles or rules but enjoy the freedom of thought and a strong self-awareness. You don't care about but respect others' words and deeds, are independent in mind and life attitude and pursue an independent lifestyle.
The ring finger tells your luck for love relationship while the middle finger shows your career development. If the space between them is narrow, it means your career and love relationship are closely related. You may accomplish a great career due to the love relationship or break up with the one you love due to your career. If the space between ring finger and middle finger is wide, it suggests that you are reckless and pleasure-seeking, persist your own way and do not have a long-term plan for the future. If the space is quite wide, it reveals you will suffer twists and turns in a relationship and often quarrel with your partner.
The wide space between ring finger and little finger suggests poor luck with the benefactor and indicates that you can hardly get help from others and have to rely on yourself no matter what you do. In addition, you need to pay more attention to the way you get along with people around, and learn to understand and respect others to improve the interpersonal relationship. If the space is quite wide while the little finger is crooked outward, it suggests poor relationship with children in old age.
The wide space between thumb and index finger suggests you are broad-minded and kind-hearted. On the contrary, it means you are narrow-minded, dependent and lack of independence. If you open your hand and find a wide space between your thumb and index finger, it reveals that you are dependent, fond of freedom rather than constraint and quite subjective.

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