Could Palm Surgery Change Your Future?

Palm Surgery

Palm Reading is an ancient tradition which predicts the future through palm lines. In recent years, a new business rises in Japan and South Korea, which is changing the palm lines for people who are not satisfied with their palmistry by having surgery on their hands. A lot of Japanese and South Korean are no longer satisfied with learning their fate from the fortunetellers; they believe the change of palm lines can change their destiny and future.

In the beauty salon, the palm print plastic surgery takes around 10 to 15 minutes at the price of 100,000 YEN (about 945 USD). The doctor uses laser or electronic knife to mark the scar on the palm; after one month or so, the wound will heal, leaving the new palm print. The media reports that since the Japanese plastic surgery clinic launched the palm print plastic surgery, dozens of people have accepted the surgery. Generally, male customers want to change their money line or fate line while females wish to change the heart line. A beauty salon said that a male customer won the lottery after he had the sun line extended. It also claimed that a woman immediately got married after she added the marriage line.

The beauty salon said with definite evidence and convinced many people. In Feng Shui metaphysics, the palm print can predict the personal destiny but the changed or added palm print through this kind of surgery is incompatible with the original color and texture.

What Do the Medical Experts Say about Palm Surgery?
Medical experts point out that, it is practical to extend or change the palm line through the surgery in theory but it is different with the real palm print. Doctors believe that the palm print is not a line but a group of organs with extensibility; the scar left by the operation is very hard and vary with the real palm print. Even the doctors in charge of the palm print plastic surgery believe that this surgery is only for psychological comfort. Sometimes, people may meet with good luck if they believe they would have a good luck. But that's not decided by the palm print consisting of some wrinkles on your palm. The palm print will change with time and the way you use your palm.

From a more professional medical perspective, Alex, a senior surgeon in London, pointed out that the palm print plastic surgery may cause the complications such as bacterial infection and increase the risk of neuroma. The psychological hint may change a person's attitude towards the destiny but it is unworthy to take this kind of unnecessary surgery.

What Do the Palmists Say about Palm Surgery?
A palmist in London also don't believe that the destiny could be changed by the palm print plastic surgery and he said the palm print would not be changed even if you accepted the surgery; if you want to gain wealth, you need to take actions and if you want to get health, you need to take exercise. One of his customers extended the life line after doing yoga for half a year.

Palm print is only one of the palm reading methods in Feng Shui metaphysics and the palmistry requires the combination of hand shape, finger type, palm mount, knuckle, complexion, palm print, etc. The palmistry in Feng Shui metaphysics embodies the principle that one's looks is decided by what he/she thinks in mind. Therefore, the unfavorable palm print can be changed. For example, if your life line is too short, you may take more exercise, balance the diet, keep early hours and do not smoke to be in health, which will naturally extend your life line and deepen the texture. This is the right way to change your fortune.

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