Do Scars on Palm Change a Person's Fate or Personality?

Everyone's palms are born with different lines, predicting one's unique destiny, ups and downs in life. A scar accidentally gotten on the palm implies change to the original lines by external injury. Then how do such scars affect one's destiny? Do scars on palm change a person's fate or personality? In fact, scars on palm cannot be simply defined as good or bad - it depends on the stage of life.

Lines Broken by the Scar: Increased Mishaps

In Chinese palmistry, every line on palm is supposed to go the specific direction. In other words, everyone has a unique destiny. Therefore, no matter how deep or shallow a scar is, it is not good to break one of or all the three main lines. Such a scar means the line or lines broken will lead to increased mishaps, making the originally easy journey of life rather rough. Of course, it can also make the original troubled destiny easier but there could be more twists and turns.

Lines Extended by the Scar: Better Luck and Prolonged Life

Palm lines are intricate and hard to tell. If a scar just appears to extend some tiny lines or the three main lines, it will further improve the good luck to those lines. Whether heart line, fate line or health line, extended length can always be a good sign of better luck, increased happiness or prolonged life.

Scar on Palm Edge: Good Fortune

The scar on the edge of palm is often considered auspicious. In palmistry, the edge of palm symbolizes fortune and a scar here is by no means a bad sign but a good one of making a fortune. Nevertheless, such a scar is to be interpreted differently, depending on which hand it is on. A scar on the edge of the left palm symbolizes that you are open, aboveboard, thoughtful and promising in career, while such a scar on the right palm means good luck, windfalls and profits pouring in from all sides.

Scar in Childhood: Good For Growth

If you got a scar on palm in childhood, it can leave certain signs in destiny but will not further undermine your fortune after reaching a certain level. On the contrary, the scar tends to improve your fortune in the life journey followed as soon as it bottoms out. Therefore, you can expect a pretty good fate if you have such a scar.

Scar in Youth: Bad for Career

A scar left on palm in youth can lead to a major setback in career development, especially for young people new to the society or are about to step into the society. In this case, your career advancement can be seriously frustrated, from which you may never quite recover and even have the entire life affected.

Scar in Middle and Old Age: Bad for Health

From the perspective of personal health, scars gotten in middle or old age can seriously hinder the maintenance of personal health in the future. If an elder in your family get a scar on the palm, pay more attention, take better care of him/her and find an effective solution to recover the family health, so as to change his/her fate.
Though scars on the palm can more or less affect the physical form, they don't just imply setbacks or mishaps. Life is riddled with changes and destiny is hard to predict. Only if you hold your fate in your palms can you luck out.

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