Palm for Female Most Popular with Men

Many people know that if there is peach blossom (Tao Hua, popularity with the opposite sex) in one's Four Pillars of Destiny (八字, Ba Zi), it means she will be quite popular with men. However, the Four Pillars of Destiny is quite a complex system for common people to understand and the peach blossom is not owned by everyone. Is it possible to tell the popularity in other ways? The answer is yes! For example, women with the following types of palm are most popular with men in terms of palmistry. Let's figure out the most popular female’s palm.
1. If your Mount of Venus is plump, you will be popular among men. Then, where is the Mount of Venus? It turns out that there are also metal, wood, water, fire and earth in the palm, and the prominent part located at the base of the thumb is the Mount of Venus in palmistry. If the part is developed and prominent, it means you are favored and cared by men in life and work and enjoy great popularity, because the Mount of Venus represents passion and charm.
2. A plump Mount of Mercury also suggests the popularity with men. Located at the base of the ring finger, the developed and prominent Mount of Mercury indicates you are popular with males. In five elements, water is a symbol of popularity with the opposite sex and love relationship. Therefore, peach blossom is also known as Xian Chi, which means it can be replaced by water. Similar with Four Pillars of Destiny, people with flourishing water often feature the richer affection.
3. If you have a developed and prominent, Mount of Luna, you will also be popular among men. The Mount of Luna suggests one's imagination, mystery, privacy and inner world. Generally, the prominent Mount of Luna means you are sentimental and can easily arouse men's attention and interest. The Mount of Luna is located at the outer edge of palm opposite to the Mount of Mars horizontally, that is, at the position where the head line and the life line connect at the tail. If your Mount of Luna is developed and prominent, you will be popular among males.
Whether in palm reading or fate analysis, women with flourishing water and metal element are more popular with men. Luna is attractive to men due to its property. As a result, women with developed Mount of Mercury, Mount of Venus or Mount of Luna are most popular with and loved by men.