Signs and Marks for Winning Lottery in Palmistry

Do you often complain about never winning a lottery or always lose the gamble? It is quite normal for people to experience ups and downs in life. Everyone has good and bad times, so is the lottery. Some people lead a charmed life and have good fortune. Then, what are the signs and marks for winning lottery in palmistry? Come and see whether you will win a lottery by checking your hands!

Intuition Line Exists on Hand

Line of IntuitionThe line of intuition is a curved line originating from the bottom of little finger, which may run across the entire palm. The intuition line suggests the superior intuition, especially in making and using money. If you have the intuition line, you can always make unexpected but reasonable decisions and make a fortune. The fortune brought by intuition line mainly lies in windfalls as you are highly sensitive. When it comes to speculation, the sixth sense flashed into mind often plays an important role. Due to your strong sensitivity and subconscious, you may even find clues of winning lottery from dreams or flashed inspirations.

Many Money Lines on Palm

Money LinesIn palmistry, the money line (upright lines locating under the ring and little fingers) symbolizes one's luck in making money. If there are several vertical money lines in your palm, it means you will have extremely good luck for windfall and income from work, including winning a big lottery.

However, you still need to balance the sense and sensibility to buy lottery and win. That means, you need to analyze the lottery and let your sensibility work to increase the chance of winning lottery.

Upward Branch of the Head Line

Head line, one of the three major lines in palmistry which starts from the palm edge between the thumb and forefinger and extends across the palm in the middle part, is related to one's luck for career and wealth.

If the end of your head line has a branch extending upward, it means you will have good luck for windfalls. This is a sign of pretty good luck for income from work and speculations, such as real estate and lottery. With the palm features, reasonable inference and good luck with gambling, you can make a fortune unconsciously.

Upward Line at the Beginning of Life and Head Line

If there is an upward line at the beginning of life line and head line, you will have good luck for windfall and may make a fortune from lottery. (Fig 1)

Upward Branch of Fate Line

If the branch of fate line extends upward to the Mount of Mars, you can also suddenly make a million from various opportunities, including winning lottery. (Fig 2)

A star at Apollo or Jupiter Mount

A star at either the Mount of Apollo or the Mount of Jupiter suggests good luck for windfalls. If you have such a sign, you will get unexpected opportunity and good luck to make money. (Fig 3)
Upward Line at the Beginning of Life and Head Line
Fig 1
Upward Branch of Fate Line Extends to the Mount of Mars
Fig 2
Stars at Apollo and Jupiter Mount
Fig 3

Developed and Rosy Mounts

Mounts of PalmIn palm reading, each mount has varied meanings. If all the mounts are well developed and slightly rosy, your overall luck will be good; you will be more likely to win lottery than others and may win lottery because of sensibility. Generally, you tend to buy lottery as you wish, which will increase the chance of winning.
Developed Mounts of Venus, Mars and Jupiter
The Mount of Venus, the Mount of Mars and the Mount of Jupiter represent great wealth in palmistry. If the three mounts are rosy, plump or thick, you will be more likely to get windfall without making great efforts and get rich quickly.
Kind Notice
You are kindly reminded that, do not buy lottery crazily or become addicted to gambling because of the signs for winning you have on palm. Think about the risk you can take before any speculative investment and take it easy no matter winning or not.

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