Can the Length of the Life Line Predict Longevity?

What's Life Line in Palmistry?

The life line starts from the palm edge between the thumb and forefinger and extends to the base of the thumb near the wrist.

Usually, the life line is read in palmistry to tell whether you will enjoy longevity. But does the life line really indicate your life span?

Is there any relationship between longevity and life line?

At present, there is a misconception that if the life line is long, the person's life will be long and vice versa. According to a study, the length of life line has nothing to do with longevity. The data shows, 40% of senior citizens aged 75 and over have a short life line. Therefore, longevity cannot be predicted through the length of life line.
The view of predicting longevity through the length of life line was rejected as early as in 1952.
In the middle of July 1952, the International New Palmistry Association held the first general meeting in Canberra, Australia and invited 1104 people from different countries settled down in Australia to prove whether the length of life line could predict longevity. The results indicated that, among people whose life line was as short as less than an inch: 257 were aged 65+; 182 were aged 75+ while 87 were aged 85+.

A short Life Line does not indicate a short life, just as a long Life Line does not guarantee a long life. So, don't be anxious and fearful if your life line is short or believe the nonsense talk of an irresponsible fortuneteller to scare yourself.

What does your Life Line reveal?

The life line is more about your health condition and presents your physical health, physical fitness, social circle and mobility, placing an indirect rather than direct influence on your life. The short life line only suggests poor health, low immunity, small social circle and inactivity. Other lines, such as fate line, head line, and line of Mars should also be considered to predict longevity.
According to the research of International Palmistry Association in 1979, the life line in your palm has five meanings as follows:
1. Your vitality and personality;
2. Whether you will have an accident, serious illness or danger.
3. Whether and when you will have an operation;
4. Your lifetime health;
5. Your life line can serve as the fate line if you don't have the latter.
Yamada Toshiyuki, a contemporary famous Japanese palmistry researcher, said: "If a person's life span can be read simply, life will be meaningless. If he knows that he will be short lived, how can he live in peace, and make a long-term plan for life? To be honest, many people with short life line do enjoy longevity!"