What Does It Mean To Have Scars In Fingers?

Palmistry, just like face reading, is an important method of fortune telling. Those we take little notice of, from fingers to palm lines and scars to be discussed here, are likely to affect the journey of our life. What does it mean to have scars in fingers? As an element of astrology, scar can be either auspicious or inauspicious. Then how will scars affect a person's life and fortune in palmistry? Will one's destiny be changed by these scars?

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Scar on Thumb - Pain or Injury of Elders

When it comes to kinsfolk in hand prediction, thumb represents the fortune of elders in your family, your relationship with them, and their health conditions. A scar on your thumb means that the elders or your parents may get injured and your relationship with them can be shallow. In addition, the scar on thumb also indicates that you will probably be carped about or get into trouble at work.

Scar on Index Finger - Mind the Little Snobs in Cooperation

Index finger represents your relationship with your sibling and their destiny. If your index finger is injured, you will have a bad relationship with your sibling, and often quarrel with them over family property or dispute arising from borrowing. In this case, you need to settle the financial matters like borrowing clearly. Besides, the scar on index finger also predicts more disputes, so pay greater attention to the disputes, quarrels and conflicts with other people and minimize the cooperation with them. Otherwise you will be a fool for your pains.

Scar on Middle Finger - Mind Your Health and Career in Middle Age

In palm reading, middle finger generally represents your own destiny, so scars on middle finger will affect your personal fortune by posing either all sorts of trouble and no help at work or bringing health problems like illness. Or you will quarrel with your partner and find the family in a mess. If the scar fails to fade, your fortune in middle age will continue to decline, which will directly affect the happy lot in the rest of your life and make you accomplish nothing all your life.

Scar on Ring Finger - Mind Your Partner's Health and Your Relation

Ring finger is mainly about emotional issues. A scar on your ring finger reminds you to watch the relationship between you and your partner, as you are very likely to quarrel frequently. Therefore, you need to talk in a calm mood to avoid unnecessary quarrel or collision. Additionally, such a scar also means that your partner may often get sick, requiring you to pay more attention to his/her health.

Scar on Little Finger - Poor Health of Children in Youth

Little Finger predicts the destiny of your children and your relation with them. A scar on your little finger suggests that your children will be of poor physical fitness, eccentric and unruly when they are young. But on the other hand, they will have good prospects and do big things in the future.