How Many Marriages Will You Have in Life?

Marriage Times by Palmistry

When it comes to marriage, a lot of people hope to live together for an entire lifetime but very few can live peacefully in dozens of years and some may even divorce. By reading palm, you can learn how many times of marriage you will have in life. From another perspective, palmistry can show whether you will have a smooth marriage or not. Generally, marriage line plays a major role in judging marriage by reading palm but other elements also count. Now, you can learn how many times of marriage you will have from the palmistry analysis below.

Marital Status Suggested by Marriage Line

Someone says the number of marriage line suggests how many times of marriage you will have. Nevertheless, this is not true. Some people have only one marriage line but get married many times; some have two lines but live a harmonious marriage life.

Fig 2

Fig 1
1. If the clearest marriage line is interrupted, you will be more likely to divorce in life. The number of interrupted sections indicates the times of marriage to a great extent. The clearest and longest line with no branch shall prevail. (Fig 1)

2. If you have two parallel marriage lines of similar length which divide the part between the little finger foot and the heart line into trisection, you will at least get married twice (or live in separate places after wedding but live together at last) and have a miserable marriage life. (Fig 2)
In addition, two parallel marriage lines of similar length suggest that you are very popular among the opposite sex. However, the extremely good relationship with the opposite sex may lead to love triangle or extramarital affair and bring you many troubles.

Fig 4

Fig 3
3. A short and parallel marriage line at the end of the clear and thick one indicates the possible love triangle or extramarital affair in life. The longer the short line, the longer relationship you will be with the third party. However, you people with such a line are very good at hypocrisy, so you may not divorce. (Fig 3)
4. The marriage line declining suddenly towards the heart line indicates the unharmonious marriage life which is hardly to make up and the risk of living apart or divorce. If the marriage line intersects the heart line or extends to cross the fate line or life line, you will be more likely to have a miserable marriage, even part for ever. (Fig 4)

5. Four or more marriage lines suggest you are fickle, precocious and popular among opposite sex. If you don't have a particularly clear and deep main line, your normal marriage will be influenced.

6. The bifurcation and fracture of marriage line suggest the hidden troubles in marriage. You may often disagree or dissatisfy with each other because of misunderstanding, and suffer the unsatisfactory sex or a third party stepping in.

7. The hook-like drooped marriage line suggests you may be widowed at middle age.

Fig 5
8. The island on the marriage line indicates the burden and suggests the inharmonic personality or family disputes of both sides. If the marriage line is straight and thick, however, your marriage will not be affected by the island. (Fig 5 A)

If the marriage line runs downwards and has an island, you may divorce your partner due to the inharmonic personality or family disputes of both sides. (Fig 5 B)

In addition to the marriage line, other elements shall also be considered when it comes to marriage. You can never tell whether your marriage will be good or not just by reading the marriage line. In fact, it also requires health, money and wisdom. Therefore, you should also take heart line, head line and life line into consideration to predict the marriage.

Other Signs Reflecting Marriage Times

Fig 7

Fig 6
1. If there is a mark which looks like the number ''8'', i.e. a symbol of two circles, on your heart line or head line, your marriage will be full of twists and turns and you will be prone to divorce, thus should be very careful. (Fig 6)

2. If there is a horizontal rather than vertical ''x'' symbol below your little finger, you will be prone to a divorce which is very complicated and disorderly. (Fig 7)

3. Middle finger means yourself while ring finger means your partner. If your ring finger is away from the middle finger but closer to the little finger, you will have an inharmonious relationship with your partner and be prone to marriage crisis, or even get married several times. If your ring finger clings to the middle finger, you will generally have a good marriage and be of one heart with your partner. In addition, the ring finger with moderate and well-connected knuckles also suggests good marriage. On the contrary, the ring finger with big knuckles generally suggests two or three marriage crisis, even divorce.

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