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dimple on chin

1 Reply Asked by bintey ali | 10/16/2019 3:54:38 AM

i ve a dimple on my chin,what does it mean?

dimple on cheek

1 Reply Asked by bintey ali | 10/16/2019 3:52:28 AM

my sister has a dimple on her right cheek,what does it mean? thnx

black mole on the hand

1 Reply Asked by rabail iman | 10/15/2019 8:46:55 AM

on my left hand i ve a black mole between the place of index finger and thumb. while i ve a light brown spot on my right hand middle finger's first portion (not on its tip)so what does it mean? moreover i ve another brown mole on my left ring finger? kindly give answers. thnx

mole on the neck

1 Reply Asked by rabail iman | 10/15/2019 8:38:08 AM

my sis has two black moles on the left side of the neck and also another black mole on the right side,two moles which are on the left side are very please tell me what does it mean?

Conceiving a baby boy

1 Reply Asked by Ann | 10/15/2019 1:08:18 AM

Hi ,my name is Annita. My dob is 17th January 1982. Which is the best time to conceive a boy in 2020?

brown mole on the left side of forehead

4 Replies Asked by bintey ali | 10/13/2019 5:45:53 AM

there is a brown mole on the left side of fore head close to eye brow.what does it mean?

Confusion about the lines

0 Reply Asked by Akshay Dhorah | 10/11/2019 11:49:22 PM

My hand lines is very complicated those who have the knowledge i would be very happy to learn from you 1) Just below my life line i have a lot of horizontal lines which is thick and not so long. It looks like sea waves. 2) i have a fate line which cuts the head line and just 1cm high 3)There is a lot of super dark lines that cut my heart line and the end 4) Just below the ring finger i have a straight line who touches my heart line and a diagonal line cuts it seeming like a cross under the finger 5) I have 2 marriage line one short and straight and one long and downward curved 6) like the salomon ring in almost every of my finger at the bottom i have thick rings and when i compare my hand to others my lines are super thick can you help me with the interpretations?


1 Reply Asked by Kavya | 10/11/2019 10:35:32 AM

My self Kavya LMP on 4th May 2019 & birthday is on 19 January 1999 plz confirm my gender

Marriage line

6 Replies Asked by Lakshana | 10/9/2019 6:52:11 PM

One of my friend has two marriage lines on his right palm. Both lines are parallel a and similar. The above line curves down at the closing point and that downward line is not bold as two marriage lines. What can be seen on this?

sign of a star

1 Reply Asked by zakaria abdirazak jama | 10/9/2019 3:50:31 PM

I have star on my chest and a star on my Palm below the midle finger.

Simian Line

0 Reply Asked by Anita Kay | 10/5/2019 2:33:29 PM

Hi, my heart and my head line are connected on both hands but the head line splits into a thinner branch down at the middle finger. The head line is stronger on the right hand (which is my dominant hand) and thinner and broken on my left hand. Is that still a simian line or something else? It's curious and I haven't found an explanation yet but my grandmother always told me that my thinking and feeling are quite aligned and it shows strong intuition.

about moles with hair

1 Reply Asked by chhay rachana | 9/29/2019 3:51:22 AM

i has moles with hair on my shoulder at the right side. so what is the meaning ?

Unidentifiable lines & sign

4 Replies Asked by Nette L | 9/22/2019 6:27:02 AM

I already browsed a lot of palmistry articles even before this site but I just can't find it. I thought the lines could be minor ones but they don't fall under there either. For the sign, I only have one to ask. It's in my left palm. I have a literal pentagram / five pointed star under my ring finger. It's not an asterisk one (*). Can it still have the same meaning as a star? For the lines, there are two of them in my right palm which I can't identify. (1) Just a little away from my life line, starting a little at the base of my palm, there's a dark line going up, but it stops/fades as it touches my life line. (2) There's a branch from my health (?) line so it forms a "Y" shape, and it's stretching to right under my middle finger (saturn? mount). As it goes there it's darkening and it has a six pointed star (asterisk) in the middle. Also, it's in the middle of my broken girdle of venus. I hope someone could answer my question. I was just curious. I'm new to all of this and I just wanted to find out. Thank you very much to anyone that will answer. :)

Marriage line

8 Replies Asked by Lakshana | 9/21/2019 8:41:19 PM

She is a girl with two marriage lines on her right hand. One line is long and bold the other line is behind the long line and it is short and not bold as the long one. What indicates in that?

I have two girls there a chance of baby boy

1 Reply Asked by Mickey sehgal | 9/19/2019 12:02:11 PM

Tell us about baby boy in our lick or not ...

Marriage lines, left handed

3 Replies Asked by VP | 9/15/2019 1:58:54 PM

I am left handed. Have two parallel and long marriage lines in left hand. They are at equal distance from each other, the heart line below and the pinky above. No other short lines. Both these lines curve towards the heart line. Upper one is slightly longer and only curves down a bit. It has no breaks. At the point where it gently turns downward, a line from the pinky cuts it and the line then get a tiny fork. Lower one curves and touches the heart line. It breaks just the the downward curve and after beak it is very faint. It may just be my imagination but it used to be darker and deeper. I’m recently divorced after more than 3 years of separation. Will I get married again? If so how will that marriage end or will it last my lifetime? Will it be happy ? Or do these lines indicate just one but painful relationship thank you

Both palms have branched headlines.

3 Replies Asked by Narik Dawn | 9/14/2019 8:23:08 AM

Like I have writers fork on both right palm and left palm what does it mean? Is it good sign...

I want to know my future

0 Reply Asked by Ma. Jonilyn feliciano Cruz | 9/10/2019 1:22:05 PM

Good day! Sir/madaam, Im ma. Jonily cruz birthdate october 22,1988 I want to know my future about my family, money, career and health thanks

Will i have another baby in future

1 Reply Asked by Minky Mathole | 9/10/2019 2:27:23 AM

Will i have another baby in future?

Two Moles insight the ear

1 Reply Asked by Sarvesh Javkar | 9/2/2019 12:06:51 PM

What is meaning of two Moles insight my ear? What does it indicates?

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