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0 Reply Asked by I*** | 5/23/2022 10:03:22 AM

My LMP was on 9th April 2022… dob 9-11-1984… am I carrying baby boy or girl


0 Reply Asked by I*** | 5/16/2022 7:01:56 AM

Hi my date of birth is 9-11-1984 time 3:27 pm .. my LMP was on 9th April 2022.. wil I Hav baby ...

I would like to know what will happen to my 2022

0 Reply Asked by S***a | 4/22/2022 5:29:11 PM

I want to know more About work and finances.

Presence of a star on the right side of my palm

0 Reply Asked by D*** | 4/17/2022 11:58:28 PM


Can you read my full hand?

0 Reply Asked by A*** | 4/16/2022 3:41:02 AM

How to contact with your I want to send my hands pic for reading Can you do any thing for thi...

light brown spot on first knuckle

1 Reply Asked by r***n | 3/20/2022 11:07:31 AM

Hi, What is the interpretation of light brown spot on the first knuckle of middle finger of rig...

Arc line in left hand

1 Reply Asked by A***a | 3/20/2022 6:33:35 AM

Hello What is the interpretation of the arc tat start from the end thumb (it's root)and rea...

What do our marriage lines mean? Will we be able to be together forever irl?

1 Reply Asked by P***P | 2/25/2022 9:54:54 PM

Boy : On my left hand, I have only one deep marriage line that slightly curves down towards the...

Too weak Bazi

1 Reply Asked by A***e | 2/22/2022 10:03:40 PM

hi please tell me how to remedy my bazi analysis Your Self Elements Analysis Wood: 3 | Water...

Two different shaped eyebrows

1 Reply Asked by C***s | 2/8/2022 8:59:15 PM

What does it mean to have two different shapes eyebrows?

Lucky numbers

0 Reply Asked by S***e | 1/23/2022 11:34:49 AM

My dob 06.06.1978 I want to know my lucky numbers

About marriage and financial issues prediction

0 Reply Asked by M***z | 1/20/2022 1:18:48 PM

I want to know when I get married 22jul87 is my date of birth I can share palm pictures but he...

Attraction by face reading

1 Reply Asked by S***r | 1/11/2022 8:04:25 AM

How do you attract a man according to face reading? Please explain more


0 Reply Asked by L***k | 1/4/2022 1:36:40 PM

Hi Just wanted to know about what is the meaning of having 4 dimples in face. 2 dimples on che...

Dimples on face

0 Reply Asked by L***k | 1/2/2022 11:33:00 AM

Hi, Just wanted to know what is the meaning of having dimples on both sides of cheeks, the face...


0 Reply Asked by M***e | 12/27/2021 4:14:04 PM

I have three moles on my face, one near my left eyes, one below my left nostrils and one under ...

San he or liu he.

1 Reply Asked by A***i | 12/27/2021 2:21:13 PM

This is my last question. Chinese compatibilities are derived from san he or liu he. It is note...


1 Reply Asked by I*** | 12/25/2021 6:59:13 AM

My last monthly period was on 14th dec 2021… my dob is 9-11-1984..time 3:27 pm… will I Hav baby...

I worry about my future

0 Reply Asked by I***k | 12/9/2021 7:01:46 AM

Firsy of all my brith is 19 January 2003 i am very insecure i hardly find love and cant focus o...

Female Rabbit

0 Reply Asked by L***r | 12/4/2021 5:01:16 PM

Hello, I am a female, metal rabbit. I read the predictions for the 2022 Rabbit and they were al...

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