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Dot on fate line with junction of heart line

0 Reply Asked by Ben Madge | 12/15/2018 2:31:49 PM

I have dot on fate line with junction of heart line. I'm 55 year old and I'm going through a big crisis, lost job and a lots debts. After that dot the fate line start appear gradually and then became stronger going to saturn with branch line ends up between the ring finger and middle finger. Do you think I'll get over come this crisis quickly and my life will get better and find another job in my specialty?. I have life line which pretty strong clear from the age of 55. Thanks

signs on Jupiter

1 Reply Asked by Amritpritam Kar | 12/14/2018 10:27:45 AM

There are lots of line here. Mount is exposed. 4 lines makes # and another line from mind line even completes the lower square in the #. Another line from the mind makes a triangle with the #. Is it bad please explain? I heard some old people it affects my career.

love line interpretations bit confused please help

0 Reply Asked by Amritpritam Kar | 12/14/2018 10:22:35 AM

my love line is present just a bit upper than the middle portion between the little finger and the heart line. I think it's average length but very dark and distinctive. Some vertical line present over it and to in the mercury mount. A second line just appeared of nowhere which is very small ( i need to completely bend my palm to see that). It ends to the region where heart line just starts and a very faint line below the actual love line. Im in a relationship for about 4 years what can u say about it???

Sun line

0 Reply Asked by Mihai1 | 12/7/2018 11:38:12 AM

Hello, what is the meaning of the sun line The Sun Line starting from Mount Mars de Sus at the same point, leaving a line that reaches the line of life, at the point of intersection of the line of life, the double line of life appears. In the area there are also successive lines that come out of the line of life

I asked my dermatologist to remove the mole on my left shoulder

1 Reply Asked by Fedelina Shiraki | 12/1/2018 1:14:05 PM

A few months after the mole was removed my life became complicated. I quit my job and me and my husband argue all the time and the situation is becoming so stressful. Please help me on what to do. Thank you.

Marriage line

1 Reply Asked by Cheng | 11/28/2018 7:29:18 AM

My husband has 2 clear parallel marriage lines. The top one is longer than the bottom one. May I know whats the significance? How can I make my spouse to be more faithful. He is born in 1975. Thank you so much.

Arm has a lot of moles

1 Reply Asked by arc | 11/13/2018 1:50:12 PM

I have a few moles on upper arm front and back. My lower arm mostly front. Does it signify anything? Being front or back arm? It is really visible. Thanks.

Baby gender

3 Replies Asked by Shreevidya | 11/12/2018 6:43:45 AM

Lop April 9, 2018 and my dob 8feb 1991 please answer me which baby boy or girl

Marriage line

0 Reply Asked by Mustafa | 11/11/2018 4:04:52 AM

I have 2 parallel deep,clear and red marriage line of equal length ended perpendicular t the base of my 4rd small finger, please when will i get married, how will my partner be, will she be from rich family or not,is it going to be arrange marriage or love marriage, will my marriage be successful or not? thanks my dob 01st/may/1988 maiduguri, nigeria time of birth 19:30 nigeria time

Marriage line down

1 Reply Asked by Alicia Galluccio | 10/29/2018 9:26:02 AM

My marriage line goes down into my head line and branches off into small lines that connect to my life line. The is a small line above my the original marriage line. What does this mean?

marriage line

1 Reply Asked by CHATHURI ANURADHA | 10/27/2018 8:38:05 AM

What is the meaning if there are two eqal parallel marriage lines in right hand palm of a boy??


1 Reply Asked by Hy tuong luong | 10/22/2018 4:35:01 PM

When can i find my true love , soul mate ?i dont know what to do about it. Should i wait longer i’m 30 already 4/15/1987

Life Line

1 Reply Asked by Aman William | 10/12/2018 3:26:46 PM

Hello there is X beside the life line at the age of 60s and 70 while my life line ends at 80 what does that mean?

My brother he`s palm reading

1 Reply Asked by melissa | 10/11/2018 4:17:59 PM

My brother he is palm shows x beside the life line what does that mean

Child custody/home

0 Reply Asked by Jennifer | 10/11/2018 4:11:00 PM

I have to go to court Oct 31, will my custody situation remain the same, and will i loose my home

"H" on the Mercury Mount of left palm - what does it mean please?

2 Replies Asked by dey jotep | 10/10/2018 12:16:25 PM

I see an "H" symbol on the mercury mount under my little finger on my left palm (i'm right handed) - can anyone please give an interpretation of the sign? I looked into google (incl youtube) quite long and did not find any clear comments about it. would anyone please give feedback (not found in google)? thanks very much for your help - Dale

Love marriage or arrange

1 Reply Asked by Arshpreet singh | 10/5/2018 6:36:37 AM

Please help me My dob is 13 march 1998 11:45 am I want to ask you in future i have arrange marriage or love please help me for this topis in all details

Two lines are passes through thumb to life line

0 Reply Asked by REPURI CHINA SUBBAIAH | 10/1/2018 3:17:58 AM

Two Vinus lines generate in my palm it passes nearest to the life line .one is middle of the place another line is 3/4of palm what it indecats


1 Reply Asked by Ramesh Upadhyay | 9/27/2018 7:31:53 PM

My date of birth is 26 February 1988 when I will get good money to start a good life?

When I will get married?

5 Replies Asked by sehrish gul | 9/21/2018 12:21:41 AM

I was born on 24 June 1991 in multan Pakistan. And I have one straight marriage line and below one fork kind of line. What does that mean and when will I get married?

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