Ring of Solomon Palmistry

Location and Meanings of Ring of Solomon

On the Mount of Jupiter located at the bottom of the index finger, there is a line bowing slightly upward and centering on the Mount of Jupiter, which is called the Ring of Solomon, also referred to as the Ring of Jupiter. It represents the mental state in pursuit of mysticism. The Ring of Solomon can appear in a straight line or semi-circle. The line is related to the Judgment of Solomon.

If you have the Ring, you are intelligent, intuitive and mysterious; like to study all kinds of mystery science, have the keen sixth sense and the strong communicative ability, and thoroughly understand the human nature; also, you are talented in art and can get a position of authority. Since the Ring of Jupiter represents wisdom and enlightenment in philosophy, it will be suitable for you to work as a teacher, lawyer, and judge, or engage in psychological counseling, religion and numerology. Also, the Ring is usually found on the respected or the authority. If you have the Ring, it indicates you are still young and wise. In addition, the Ring is a mark of good luck and implies you can always get help from others unexpectedly once you are in trouble.

A Clear and Complete Ring of Solomon

If you have the clear and complete Ring of Solomon, it symbolizes the accurate analytical and judgment ability, the good observation of essence of things, the insight into other's minds, and the good luck of getting help from others; even if you are in danger, you can always turn ill luck into good and seize the opportunity and good luck to live a better life. In addition, you will have good luck with the opposite sex and find a beautiful and graceful partner due to your emphasis on physical appearance and unique insight.

Analysis of Ring of Solomon

1. If the Ring of Jupiter is deep and clear (A), it indicates you have high intelligence and acute sense, and you can show it in the literary and artistic works to attain the high fame and position.
2. If the Ring of Jupiter is in semi-circle (B), it indicates you often show your emotions on your face, you are talented in performance and can make great accomplishments in music.
3. If the Ring of Jupiter is light and unobvious (C), it indicates the intelligence and mysticism are not strong and the foresight is not keen.
4. Double Ring of Solomon: If you have two Rings of Solomon (D), it indicates you are very lucky and can always turn the ill luck into the good no matter how many failures or disputes you encounter. In particular, you are highly insightful and can look into the nature of others, analyze everything well and boast the high sixth sense. The two Rings of Solomon are often found on the palms of some astrologists, numerologists and psychologists.

Ways to Improve Your Luck

Since the Ring of Jupiter plays a significant role in one's luck while the average people have no such a Ring, you can wear a ring on your index finger to form the lucky sign and improve your luck. The ring can be either gold or silver and will be better if embedded with a gem.

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