Head Line Reveals Suitable Career Path

What is the suitable profession for you? Commerce, literature or technology? Head line dominates other lines on your palm and it is the most important line. Seemingly simple, its direction, radian and starting point often reveal a lot about your career! Let head line help you choose the right career path now.

Head Line Goes Upward at the End
It means you are quite suitable for profit-making enterprises such as shopping mall, finance, bank, gold store and jewelry, because you are realistic, sensitive in terms of money, business-minded, practical, and shrewd in money matters. You never do things sloppily and can always put first things first, thus can succeed easily and have profits pouring in from all sides. If you go the wrong way, however, you will fall to be stingy and cunning.
Head Line Bends Slightly to the Mount of Outer Mars
When it comes to the suitable career and development, this kind of head line indicates a wide range of profession, rational thinking and behavior, and rich common sense of life and viability, thus you can acclimatize to the society well and are suitable for work related to literature and art. On the other hand, it indicates the mean wisdom. If your head line is excellent, you will make certain achievements; if it is poor, you will be underachievement.

Head Line Extends to the Mount of Luna at the End
This kind of head line suggests you are of rich creativity and imagination and value the spiritual needs. Though a little unrealistic, you are ambitious and quite talented in creativity. Many great writers, artists and physicists have such a head line. If your thumb is long and your palm is thick in the meantime, you will be more likely to succeed. The larger and gentler the head line's radian, the better. If the head line bends steeply to the life line, it suggests you are suspicious and pessimistic.
Fork-tailed Head Line or Two Head Lines
If you have a fork-tailed head line or two head lines which are not overly descending, it means you are quite intelligent, swift and good at both thinking and acting, thus can engage in two completely different jobs and do both well. For example, work as a computer engineer and engage in direct selling or teach piano at part time. As a good talker, you will work with high proficiency in service industry or free industry. You will be either an industrialist or a top white collar.
Simian Line
Those with a simian line are usually specially gifted. The talented outstanding persons in all walks of life, such as entertainment, music and business circles, have a simian line. If you have a simian line, it means you are persistent and like challenges, thus always can make certain achievements no matter which industry you choose; even if you fail, you can rise again.

Head Line Ends at the Center of Palm
It indicates the keen and well-organized personality. If you have such a head line, the management or architectural design work like architect, accountant, lawyer, manager and engineer will be your right choices.
Chained Head Line
The chained head line suggests the complex multiple personality or the inconstant character. If you have such a head line, the changeful industries, such as business, stock, tourism and adventure, will be your good choices.
Head Line Forks at the Front
If your head line forks at the front, it means you are talented in art and can deal with the part-time job properly. As a result, you will get good results no matter which you choose. Of course, you may operate an art gallery or choose to be an art dealer.

If the head line forks three or above lines, it means you are a cheerful, optimistic and versatile and can manage everything well. Also, you like to show off and work in front of people or attract the public attention. You may challenge yourself to be a star if you are confident enough.

Head Line Extends from the Mount of Jupiter to the Mount of Luna
This kind of head line is a symbol of outstanding fashion taste, sense of responsibility and excellent leadership. If your head line is like this, you'd better work as the manager or boss of a fashion store or beauty salon to give full play to your strength.

Wavy Head Line
The wavy head line belongs to those who have a robust health, like exercise and are full of energy. If you have a wavy head line, athlete and coach will be suitable for you. Such a line also indicates excellent music quality, so you can also succeed as a musician or singer.

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