What Woman Could Marry a Rich Man by Palmistry?

Signs for Getting Married with a Rich Man

Many women wish to marry a rich man and live a comfortable life. Do you want to know whether you can marry a rich man? If yes, please read your palm and learn the palmistry features of marrying a rich man.

Soft and Fleshy Palms
Soft and fleshy yet not weak palms belong to women blessed with a rich life. If you have such kind of palms, you will have good luck for love and wealth, especially marriage, and marry a handsome and rich man. The hard palms suggest no luck for wealth and women with such palms will find it hard to marry a rich man; they need to live on the hump and work hard to get rich.

Rosy Palms
Women whose palms are rosy and glossy can marry a rich man and they will enjoy successful career, good fortune, and happy marriage. If your palms are dull yellow and rough, you will work hard, rely on yourself and have little chance to marry a rich man.

Moles on Palms
Most moles on palms are auspicious, which suggest you are smart, will get rich and marry a man of certain economic strength.

Long Heart Line
If the heart line on your palm is long, upward and fork-shaped at the end, you could enjoy happy marriage and get rich. A cross below the heart line indicates love success and wealth opportunity derived from love and marriage.

Branched End of Heart Line
If one branch goes to the Mount of Jupiter and another goes between the index and middle fingers, it suggests you are moral and will marry a man of high rank to support his career development.

Money Line
Monkey lines are the upright lines under the ring and little fingers. If the lines are thick and clear, everything will go well, you will be wealthy and marry a rich man.

Marriage Line Touches Sun Line
In palmistry, the sun line (B) may start from many places but it will end at the Mount of Apollo under the ring finger. If the marriage line (A) tourches the sun line, it indicates you will marry a successful man enjoying fame, status and wealth and improve your status through marriage.

A Branch of Marriage Line Up to Mount of Apollo
It means you will marry a big potato or millionaire and live a carefree life.

Fate Line Starts from Mount of Luna and Ends at Heart Line
If your fate line starts from the Mount of Luna and ends at the heart line, it suggests you will marry a famous or rich man but your fortune will change with your personality.

Raised Mount of Apollo
In palmistry, the Mount of Apollo (located at the base of the ring finger) is a symbol of wealth. If you have a raised Mount of Apollo, you will have good luck for wealth, manage money matters skillfully, marry a rich man, manage money matters for him and offer advice to his career development.

Multiple Squares or Triangles in Your Palm
The square or triangle in your palm is regarded as the treasury which indicates you are good at making money and managing money matters and can accumulate a lot of wealth. If you have such squares or triangles in your palm, it presents you will have good luck for wealth, may marry a handsome and rich man and live a rich life because of marriage.

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