Lines for Extramarital Affairs in Palmistry

No doubt an affair is a killer of a happy family. Married life is not as free as you were in courting - any family problem may cause a marriage crisis. Then what types of people are more likely to have an extramarital affair? What are the palmistry signs for extramarital affairs?
Crosses on Both Saturn Mount and Wrist Line
If you have a cross at the base of your middle finger (Mount of Saturn) and another on the wrist line, either left or right hand, and the two crosses are in a line, then you are least resistant to temptation, and very likely to have an affair.
Dipped Heart Line Connecting with Head Line and Life Line
This is the so-called "Three Lines of Homology". With such a palmistry pattern, you are emotional and often confuse sense and sensibility, thus tend to have more troubles in love or fall out of love because of an extramarital affair.
Many Crosses between Heart Line and Head Line
Many crosses between Heart Line and Head Line suggest you are more likely to have multiple affairs. Yet the affairs will be less destructive or last short.
An Island on Head Line and Life Line
If your Head Line and Life Line become entangled at the end in an island or other patterns, then you must be sentimental, hesitant, and more likely to have an affair.
Two Marriage Lines Close to Each Other and Vary in Length
This is a pattern for love triangle. If the line above is longer, it means that you will have an affair and betray your boyfriend before you get married; on the contrary, the shorter line above indicates you will have an extramarital affair after getting married.
Several Marriage Lines
Three marriage lines suggest complicated relationship, weak sense of chastity, and  untidily romantic character. Four or above marriage lines indicate a very muddled marriage, infidelity, more pursuit of physical pleasure than soul one, and excessive desire. Having an affair is a common experience for such a pattern.
Marriage Line Bending to Mount of Venus
Nine times out of ten this pattern suggests infidelity and divorce of married life. This kind of palmistry often indicates the extremely incompatible couples who will fall out and divorce in a terrible state. And such a divorce is basically caused by an annoying third party in the marriage.
Horizontal Lines at the Tail End of Marriage Line
Such horizontal lines are called an infidelity pattern. Such lines below the Marriage Line suggest you may have an affair with a friend you knew before getting married; such lines above the Marriage Line suggest you may have an affair with a friend you made after marriage. It should be noted that if those lines are not at the tail end but above and below the starting end of the Marriage Line, the meaning can be totally different - you will love each other for the whole life and enjoy a blissful marriage no matter you get married early or late.
Dipped, Curved and Short Heart Line
Generally, this kind of palmistry implies weak self-control, instinct charm attractive to the opposite sex, and tendency of love at first sight regardless of the consequences. A new temptation is enough to change your mind. A dynamic love is the source of your desperate destruction. With such a palmistry pattern, your love generally will not last long.
Double Heart Lines
Generally speaking, double Heart Lines suggests good luck in love and more chances to fall in love. The more the temptations, the harder it is to remain loyal and the more likely it is to have an affair.
Chained Heart Line
With such a pattern, you are more likely to fall in love yet tend to be passionate at first and get attenuated day by day. Due to the limited perseverance, you might be bothered by the chaotic relationship despite many opportunities. It will be fine before marriage but may lead to a crisis after marriage.
Affair Line on Palm
Affair Line is in fact a branch of Heart Line at the base of ring finger, which connects with the Head Line. In general, such a line suggests a sentimental and charming personality, great popularity among the opposite sex, and an affair arising from the failure to resist the temptation.
An Island on Sun Line
With an island on Sun Line, you tend to be faithless and limit your success in work, career and wealth with emotional problems.