Rat's Fate by Birth Date

Best Birth Dates

Notice: The birth date mentioned in this article is based on the Chinese lunar Calendar. Please click Chinese Calendar and find out your day in the calendar or use the Chinese Calendar Converter on the page to find out your lunar birth date.

The Rats born in the 4th, 9th, 13th, 25th or the 30th day in Chinese lunar calendar are usually blessed with good luck and fortune during the whole life.

Destiny by Birth Date

Rat people born on 1st day of Chinese lunar month: Average blessed youth, accomplished middle age with help from benefactors to glorify and illuminate the ancestors.
Rat people born in the 2nd day of a month: Males are smart and females are pretty. Kind and amiable, hard youth, earn a living independently, better luck in middle age and get rich in old age. 
Rat people born in the 3rd day of a month: A good partner to get along with; should beware of breakup; be good luck in middle age; be able to achieve success one way or another and can enjoy high position and great wealth.
Rat people born in the 4th day of a month: Could marry a good partner;have a steady youth, wealthy middle age and blessed old age.
Rat people born in the 5th day of a month: Poor family ties and no one to rely on; painful youth, lucky middle age and secured old age.
Rat people born in the 6th day of a month: Lucky, rich, studious yet unaccomplished, no support from sibling or parents, build up from nothing.
Rat people born in the 7th day of a month: Unpredictable, odd, loving siblings to keep good luck; females luckier than males, long-lived.
Rat people born in the 8th day of a month: Quick-witted, lucky and peaceful; have poor ties with parents; usually settle down in a foreign land; blessed middle and old age.
Rat people born in the 9th day of a month: Well-featured, smooth youth, blessed and contented old age with both fame and wealth.
Rat people born in the 10th day of a month: Toilsome youth, poor family with limited support, better luck in middle age, blessed later years.
Rat people born in the 11th day of a month: Quite resourceful and decisive, toilsome middle age, blessed old age.
Rat people born in the 12th day of a month: Can bear hardships, hardworking and thrifty, average youth, lucky middle age, auspicious old age with fame and wealth.
Rat people born in the 13th day of a month: Auspicious happiness in overmeasure; could gain wealth and rank and lead a carefree life.
Rat people born in the 14th day of a month: Steady and calm, average youth, lucky middle age with everything coming off satisfactorily and filial children.
Rat people born in the 15th day of a month: Loving and respectful partner; however are aggressive in nature and have incompatible children and grim future.
Rat people born in the 16th day of a month: Intelligent and studious, fond of art and become skillful in middle age, seldom save money, mingled hope and fear, worry about many things.
Rat people born in the 17th day of a month: Enduring, self-relying and have developed old age; both males and females are rich and promising.
Rat people born in the 18th day of a month: Brilliant, smart, unyielding, offensive in nature; have poor ties with parents and self-relying.
Rat people born in the 19th day of a month: Gain both fame and wealth; good luck with the opposite sex; suffer from unmentionable disease; average luck in youth and blessed later years.
Rat people born in the 20th day of a month: Males have no relatives or friends to rely on, so better develop in somewhere else and enjoy happiness in old age; Females are cheerful, talkative, popular and blessed, and can bring good luck to their husband and keep the house well.
Rat people born in the 21st day of a month: Males could marry a good wife, are bold and skillful, spend the middle age smoothly and have good later years; Females are softhearted, hardworking, get along with neighborhood and enjoy wealth.
Rat people born in the 22nd day of a month: Intelligent, honest and faithful; live a hard youth, better luck in middle age with success and fame.
Rat people born in the 23rd day of a month: No achievement before middle age, get wealth after that, children get prosperous; females are more blessed than males.
Rat people born in the 24th day of a month: Clever, skillful, attentive and respected by others, might bring bad luck to their wife. Females are less blessed than males, and have to worry about many things.
Rat people born in the 25th day of a month: Males are fond of meddling in others' business, often do good deeds and can marry a good wife. Females are diligent and thrifty in running the household and can bring good luck to family, with children enjoying happiness. 
Rat people born in the 26th day of a month: Tender-minded, worry-free, no sweet without sweat, substantial ways to gain money, blessed middle and old age.
Rat people born in the 27th day of a month: Spend lavishly, change frequently, promising after middle age. Female Rats could bring good luck to their husband.
Rat people born in the 28th day of a month: Experience both joys and sorrows, ups and downs, no support from parents, better marry late, fall short of the best but be better than the worst.
Rat people born in the 29th day of a month: No sweet without sweat, toilsome youth and lucky middle age, get good luck from partner.
Rat people born in the 30th day of a month: Intelligent, livelyand charitable; have a  promising future; become wealthy after middle age; blessed and long-lived.