Dreamt of being broke and woke up crying with tears in my eyes


In my dream, I was very broke, at first I saw my step dad who kept blaming me for his divorce with my mom and he almost hit me but he didn’t, I was so scared, next I was invited into a group sex which I accepted and went but sex didn’t really happen, just oral and touching, then I was with three friends of mine and I got into trouble with a sex worker in disguise who said we could have sex with her for free only for her to Later say she tricked us but asked me to pay since I was the first person who went first but luckily for me, I haven’t done anything before her boss arrived and she later let me go after I pleaded and then I saw myself swapping my phone for a smaller one plus cash and then I started walking away. Thoughts of everything happening to me, I started sobbing and crying and then I woke up in tears.

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