Facial Features for Late Marriage

Many factors count for the late marriage, such as personal choice of bachelorism and late mental maturity. In addition to the eight characters of your horoscope, the facial features can also be read for early or late marriage. The facial features of late marriage are as follows. If you have one or some of the following features, you may get married late.
Thick, Straight and Hard Hair
In Chinese Face Reading, hair is regarded as the surplus of blood and generated by extra blood. Therefore, the thickness of hair is directly related with blood. Those with thick hair are either inflexible or of 3-minute passion, and tend to get married late. Since straight and hard hair is also a symbol of excessive Yang, it indicates late marriage for both men and women.
Protruding Forehead
Forehead belongs to fire in five elements, so the extremely protruding forehead looking from the front or the side indicates too much fire. Facing the life events like marriage, people with protruding foreheads tend to be irresolute or unreconciled to marriage, thus will get married late. Women with such a forehead often make men feel mentally stressed, which will affect the progress of marriage and relationship.
High Forehead
It is also a sign of too much fire and changeable mind. Therefore, people with such a forehead tend to choose passively or wait when it comes to marriage.
Too Thick Eyebrows
People with too thick eyebrows often think too much and they just cannot give up the unnecessary and overelaborate formalities, thus miss many good opportunities and get married late.

Too Thin Eyebrows
Those with too short and thin eyebrows are usually sternly cool and unmoved and they come and go for the convenience of their own matters. They are seldom fully devoted to a relationship and treat brotherhood, children or marriage lightly, thus tend to have a late marriage. Also, they are cool towards the conjugal relationship.
Many Crow's Feet
People with many crow's feet tend to live a toiled life and often take care of every single thing personally, thus the crow's feet generate naturally. Usually, those with many crow's feet as early as at 20 or 30 years have poor conjugal relationship or fertility, or get married late, or live an extremely busy life. People with many crow's feet yet brimming eyes are charming, humorous and quite popular among others.
Eyebrows too Close to Hair
The farther the temple hairline is to the eyebrow, the later one's marriage will be.
Narrow and Shallow Brow Groove
Brow groove is found between the upper eyelid and the eyebrow ridge. The narrower and shallower it is, the later one's marriage will be. The plump upper eyelid with no groove suggests even later marriage.

Big Eyes
Big eyes suggest excessive five elements. Seemingly decisive, people with big eyes are actually too anxious to make a decision, and tend to get married late.
Boney or Raised Nose Bridge
People of this kind usually experience several setbacks in love relationship before getting married.

Exposed Teeth
People with exposed teeth often quarrel in a love relationship or face the obstacle and pressure from eldership in marriage, thus delay the marriage again and again and get married late.

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