Water monkey and fire tiger


If the female is water monkey and the male is fire tiger, how will the love and marriage life be?

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Water monkey and fire tiger are an imcompatible match. You two are living in a different world. Though you are both kind, friendly, open-minded and easy-going, you don't have common values. He tries to be conscious and calm sedulously, but he can't avoid occasional impulsion by your strong desire of dominance. You are confident and is brave to take up challenge and competitions, making him lose the sense of accomplishment and initiative.

However, you can do ssomething to change the situation. For example, you should not place your bed in northeast-southwest direction but place a horse or rat decoration in your bedroom. Also, you may choose to give birth to a child in the year of pig to solve the problem.

Good luck
You also have to think about the month, day and hour you were born in.
In my case as a tiger of fire but born in the month, day and hour of the rat. I've alwasy felt really attracted to water monkeys and now I'm carrying a happy life with one for 5 years now.
You can't avoid fighting but we can't deny the passion and chemistry between one another.
I couldn't think of a better match for a tiger than its opposite sign: the monkey
So you should see how the 8 of you both animals get along
Yes, the month, day and hour you were born in should also be considered when seeing if you are compatible.

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