Tiger (male) born on 4/04/1962 and Rooster (female) born on 5/27/1957


Tiger (male) born on 4/04/1962 and Rooster (female) born on 5/27/1957: are we compatible and can we be married to each other later in life? It was love at first sight on his part but he kept it secret for 42.5 years without telling me (his wife always knew that he was in love with me because he kept my pictures for 42.5 years and he told her about me). We both have successful careers and families of our own and I recently found out about his long-lasting love for me. Now I love him deeply but we have always been oceans apart. He begged me to wait for his wife (younger than me but much older-looking and less talented than me in many ways) to fall in love with me to accept me in their life. He begged me not to make his wife have an inferiority complex. When I told his wife about his long-lasting love for me because I did not want to lie about being just a good family friend, he cut off contact with me (to take care of his fragile wife and save his marriage?). Thank you.

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You have few chance to be married. You have your own pursuits and goals. The male tiger is honest, frank, kind, energetic amd impulsive, while the female rooster is forward, careful and well-ordered, with broad perspective. You'd better keep your love in deep heart and spend your life with your present partner happily.
Thank you very much for your reply, but my present partner is not my soulmate. I would rather wait for the male tiger until the end of my life, even without any hope of reuniting. Few chance does not mean no chance?

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