Is this a good luck for us


My husband i are the same year of the tiger? Is the year 2016 is good for us? 2015 i loss a job because our co having a restructured. In terms of career, love, financial.. Is this year is a good for us.?

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Hi Menchie,

According to Chinese astrology prediction, 2016 which is Year of the Monkey will be a very challenging, changeable and hard year for the people born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Tiger.In the year, you may find a job but at the same time you will find even the easy work seems to be difficult to finish. So, you should be especially careful to your work and cautious when get along with colleagues.

In wealth, your may suffer unexpected losses in finance during 2016. There may some extra expenses such as on house repair or property damage.

It will be a turbulent year for you in love relationship. So, you should learn to control your temple, be tolerate and give more space to your husband.

Just for your reference.

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