My bazi, element, color and job.


What is my element and color?
What is job suitable for me?
How about my marriage prediction?
When will be married?
Day master Yang fire tiger match with me?

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Hi Jaylin,

What's your date of birth? Birth time? and Birth place?

What's the date of birth for the people you mentioned with the Day master Yang fire tiger?
My DOB Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia, 5 April 1985 05.35 pm
He DOB Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia 24 July 1974. I don't know his birth time.
You are a Yin Wood Ox.
Your Most Favorable Elements are Water and Wood.
Favorable Colors: blue, black, gray, green, brown
Jobs favorable for you: Advertising, Arts, Communications, Engineering, Filming, Hospital, etc

2016 - 2025 (Age 31 - 40) will be your good ten years. You will get married late may around 35 age as you always focus on others things instead of love.

The person you mentioned is not fit you well. If you get married, you will be a couple lacking synergy. There are many contradictions in your personalities. Stubbornness may be the only common point between you.
Thank you very much. Can i ask again?
Now i try to sell fashion item in online shop. How about this?
And i am agent insurance suitable for me?
How about this man. He born Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia DOB 31 May 1984 he was born night.
This time the man was under the Rat sign. In Chinese zodiac, Ox and Rat is very compatible in love. You are a perfect match. You have a tacit agreement with each other, and both are willing to share more responsibilities. The male rat is determined and capable of raising the family. While the female ox will build a warm and firm love nest for the male rat with her special loyalty, simplicity and diligence. The female ox is often distracted with worries, and the male rat may always make her calm down with his patience.

For the Ox people, it's not good to be an insurance agent. To own your own business is a better choice.

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