Female Rabbit Personality Traits

Female Rabbits are considerate, quick-witted and easy-going. They love the group living and always behave in a courteous manner, thus popular with everyone. The only flaw is that they are jealous and often trapped in love.

In life, Rabbit girls always yearn for the simple interpersonal relationships, maintain a good image in the public and they can even be polite to their opponents. The alert and resourceful Rabbit women know how to protect themselves and do not have grand ambitions; they prefer to the peaceful life and can make the plain life sweet and delightful. Compared to women under other Chinese zodiac signs, they are more sentimental and eager to the sense of security.

Rabbit girls are calm, kind, gentle and pure, just like a spotless lotus flower, in love relationship. Like a breeze, they never stop for those who don't love them and are not bound by anyone. If someone tries to shackle them, they would run away. Also, it is hard for them to fall in love but once they do, they will be devoted.

In career, female Rabbits usually start well and end well and they can be outstanding scholars. They are particularly fortunate in business and financial transactions and can always come up with an appropriate proposal or alternative scheme to profit from it since they are shrewd in concluding a transaction and contracting. Featuring keen insights and excellent negotiation skills, they can advance rapidly in any career.


Considerate and Sweet-tempered
Female Rabbits are gentle, considerate, sweet-tempered and seldom lose temper. They love the peaceful life and would meticulously decorate their environment to make it fresh and elegant.

The collective-oriented Rabbit girls have a strong sense of group honor and they like to participate in group activities. In the face of interests, they would give priority to collective interests rather than their own because they respect and love the collective.

Polite and Believe in Freedom
Female Rabbits are polite, believe in freedom and hate to be constrained. When they go out for dating, they would dress up because they think this is the least respect for others. Believing in Freedom, They Are Independent And Don't Need Others To Care For Or Restrain Them.

Alert and Resourceful
The alert and resourceful Rabbit girls are born with an innovative mind. They are keen and sharp in thinking and have the devotion to take action, thus quite confident.


Muddle Along
The gentle Rabbit girls are fond of the peaceful life and always try to live a more relaxed life. As a result, they often muddle along without great ambition or motivation. For young Rabbit women, this is not good because youth means to fight and struggle.

With a strong sense of vanity, female Rabbits cannot accept those who are better than them and they never easily let others step into their lives. Usually, they would dress up even though they live a simple and plain life. You may find that they always think about getting better yet would not take action.

Escape from Reality
Female Rabbits like to escape from reality and tend to give up when they cannot figure out or face something, because they are too fragile to face failure. In this way, they won't feel ashamed of the fruitless things.

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