Male Rabbit Personality Traits

Rabbit men are gentle, modest, kind, optimistic, sensitive and considerate. The sociable and polite male Rabbits usually talk cheerfully and humorously and boast a personable and prudent style. Also, they are modest, tolerant, family-oriented and less argumentative. As for shortcomings, they are vain, emotional and content with the status quo.
In daily life, the men under the sign of the rabbit are most family-type. The family-oriented male Rabbits are quiet and love to tidy up the yard, decorate the indoor and share the housework. They don't like to make close friends and would dump those who pry into their personal affairs or cling to them with no regrets.
In terms of love relationship, they prefer to the even and quiet relationship and tend to be the heartthrob prone to affection disputes. Also, Rabbit men are less decisive and thoughtful and they often suffer from the amorous nature. For the loved ones, they are warm and gentle while for others, they are impatient and even as cold as marble. As they are usually quiet, the weak, steady and elegant women fit them perfectly. Too extroverted women will be hard to live with them harmoniously. 
They are fond of trimming the garden, interior decoration and much other housework. In career, the smart, thoughtful and intuitive male Rabbits can always seize up the opportunities conducive to their development. With tenacious perseverance and intestinal fortitude, they can always manage to overcome difficulties and head for success.


Gentleness is an outstanding merit of Rabbit men who are quite tender and considerate. They are known for their calm temperament, hate to argue with others and can even make enemies into friends. In daily life, they rarely get angry and would pour oil on troubled waters even if someone takes the initiative to provoke.

Being considerate is another outstanding merit of Rabbit men. Whenever you stay with a good-natured and considerate male Rabbit, you will have no worry about suffer losses.

The refined and courteous male Rabbits emphasize politeness and etiquettes in life. You may find they are very learned about etiquettes and they are polite to friends, relatives and strangers. What's more, their politeness is from the inside and not pretentious at all, making you feel quite comfortable.


Weakness is a major flaw of male Rabbits and it is quite terrible for men, because they are usually the head of a family and are supposed to be responsible. However, the weak male Rabbits are incapable of managing their families or building authority and they are easily looked down upon by others. Besides, their weakness also leads to injustice at work.

Vain and Unprincipled
Just like the female Rabbits, they are also vain and jealous of others. Due to the strong sense of vanity, they often show off how good their family is, making others impatient. In addition, male Rabbits cannot build authority in public because they are unprincipled and poor at grasping the overall situation and tend to do things intuitively.

In life, male Rabbits are infirm and irresolute no matter what they do. Despite the capacity, they would not study assiduously and tend to be bureaucratic.

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