The Male Pig in Love

Men born in the year of Pig are kind-hearted and honest. They will treat their lovers as princesses. No matter what their lovers are like, they will smile and be inclusive. They are so generous that whatever their lovers like, they will try to satisfy. Normally, they are not courageous, but when facing their lovers, vice versa.

Male Pigs' Attitude towards Love

In terms of love, Pig Men may prefer plain and simple relationship. Because their lack of energy to maintain their relationship, they do not want complex emotional life. Hence, they are eager for a comfortable relationship, and hope that their partners can give them a comfortable and cozy life! They don't like romantic ways and have no idea of how to create a romantic date. Their attitude towards love is very direct and loyal. If they love someone, they will express directly and if don't, they won't engage in any ambiguous relationship or take someone as back-up.

How Should Male Pigs Maintain Love Relationship

Men under the Pig Sign are passionate, romantic and will always give their women a pleasant surprise unexpectedly. However, they like to daydream and can hardly come down to earth. Once they are deeply aware of that women cannot live without flowers at the beginning, then money, and finally cannot live without flowers and money, they will not so blindly manage love by romance but come down to earth to prevent missing the loved ones. After all, no matter how romantic one is, he or she has to live with daily necessities. Therefore, men born in Pig years are suggested to seek a balance between reality and dreams. It is never an easy task to manage love. So be more realistic and practical.

How to Know How Much a Male Pig Loves You

Men of Pig sign are shy. They tend to choose the oldest way to express their love, that is, invite you to dinner. If your Pig man frequently asks you out for dinner, and takes you to enjoy a variety of delicious food, it must be that he is in you. If he really loves you, he will become very talkative as if he has endless words. He will talk to you about the future and family with you. You can identify whether he loves you from his conversation. For example, he may reprimand someone at the last minute but turn around to whisper to you for fear of scaring you. Therefore, your boyfriend under the Pig sign is always gentle to you and it is a huge contrast.

What Kind of Women Do Pig Men Like?

1) Gentle and Optimistic Women.
In daily life, Pig men are usually gentle, optimistic and cheerful. They like the peaceful life, so they rarely have a quarrel with others. In consequence, they may hope to find a woman who is as gentle and optimistic as them. However, for the women who are usually aggressive, they will not be interested in. 
2) Simple and Decent Women
Male Pigs are simple, bold and generous in the ordinary life. They are not bothered by many things in life, also hate to do so. As a result, they tend to have a favorable impression on women who are as simple and decent as them in life. While for the women who like to be fussy in life and to complicate everything, they will be rather annoyed. 
3) Sincere Women
Pig Men treat people sincerely and speak seldom around the bush in their usual life. They believe in the people around. Thus, they hope that their partners can also sincerely treat them and trust each other. Therefore, they tend to have a good impression on women who are sincere in life. 

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