Pig people of A blood type are honest, straightforward, lovely and responsible. It's a headache that they often fail to grasp the main points. Since they are simple-minded, they always neglect something yet win the respect and trust with considerate, caring, modest and polite attitude.


Pigs of A-type blood are honest, kind, modest, highly responsible, and loyal to friends, thus popular among others and trusted by colleagues and friends; their superiors often entrust them some important work, and they can get promoted though won't stand out quickly. A-type Pigs are not proficient in social contact and usually move others with their natural warm and kind attitude. Therefore, they never lack of sincere friends and will get help once in troubles. With a determined will and endurance, A-type Pigs never lost heart no matter how many times they fail and won't stop until reach the goal; they tend to experience twists and turns in youth and it takes time for them to mature, yet life will get better and better with age. Though conservative and introverted, they can exercise forbearance and never make others feel awkward. As a result, male Pigs of A-type blood are popular among some women who think them simple and honest and have the sense of security.


The biggest shortcoming of A-type Pigs lies in their silliness, limited creativity and initiative, and ambiguous ultimate aim; they often grasp the details and neglect the key points. Therefore, it is difficult for them to expand the business but maintain the achievements. Without a ready tongue, they cannot express themselves clearly and they are a little stubborn and unsophisticated, thus often offend others unconsciously, lose the opportunities to develop career and make their work unstable. While getting along with people, they exercise forbearance blindly, which will encourage the evil-minded provocateur to get even more aggressive. In a relationship, they lack of confidence and seldom take the initiative; sometimes, they dare not to act even if others give them hints, thus lose the chance.


Since the honest and simple character is hard to change, A-type Pigs are suggested to carry forward their careful and earnest attitude, listen more to others' advice and summarize others' experience for their own use. Exercising forbearance blindly would not help in a dispute, and they should reason bravely. When it comes to love relationship, they are suggested to be more confident and brave and never lose heart for temporary loneliness, because they will be appreciated for the honest and simple character. Male A-type Pigs are suggested to find a smart, gentle, lively, lovely and virtuous wife; female A-type Pigs are suggested to have a frank, mature, strong-minded, optimistic and humorous husband.

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Dream about going to Human Realm (1 Reply ) Asked by E***n

I dream about something weird. In that dream I was in a palace, with a big hall and everybody can fly, including me. I fly arround the palace and I reallize it was in the sky. After that, one woman come approach me, she wear white dress and then she said to me "Let's go, I will take you for a walk to human realm. After that, both of us suddenly arrive in one village, we turn into like normal human. Then I saw a big area in the middle of the village, and I saw a lot of people are doing butchering to the cow, sheep, chicken, pig and it was a lot of blood, then a lot of people come to take the meat. I feel horrible, disgusting and creepy for seeing that things. Then, we go to enter a small street, and it was like a market area. But the weird things is, there is no buyer at all, just 2 of us only (me and the "Guan Yin" that turn into human), and all the store seller is old grandma and old grandpa. When I see arround, all the stuffs they sell is broken stuffs, like rotten fruit, dull clothes, and all broken things, all the grandma and grandpa look so sad. Suddenly, when we passed by, one grandma call me and she said "Young man, please buy my flower". When I see, she selling withered flower, and she continue speaking "Please buy my withered flower" with sad face. Then I search my pocket and look there is silver coin, so I gave it to the grandma, and she say thanks with a sad smile. After that, the woman talk to me, "This is it the human realm, everybody even the old one, still needs money and they cant live without money". Suddenly I see a man that buying a stuff from one grandpa, we see each other without speaking, and I realize he is the same with me that come to that place to help the people. After that, I woke up. Please help about this mysterious dream meaning, thanks.