How to Know a Pig is in Love with You?

People born in the year of the Pig are simple, honest, harmless and innocent and they are often made fun of by others. With an out-dated view of love, they are slow and may miss the chance when they are about to pursue. How to tell whether a Pig person is in love with you? Read the following article, you will find the answer. 

Become Romantic

The mild, soft and aesthetic Pigs look forward to romantic love and they can be sensitive, refined and affectionate. If a person under the Pig sign really loves you, he/she would fancy all kinds of sweet scenes, keep sending you chicken soup for the soul and short stories, and jest with you to win your love.

Buy a Lot for You

The realistic Pig people think that money is very important in life and can bring them anything they want. If a person born in the year of the Pig really loves you, he/she would give unconditionally on material and buy a lot for you as long as you love, hoping you could have a good opinion of him/her.

Chat with You

What Pig people want most is the peace and safety of their love and they always want to learn more about the latter. If a Pig has a crush on you, he/she will leave no stone unturned to get your contact information, so that he/she can chat with you, spend the boring days with you and feel happy when you are happy.

Keep Eyes on You in the Crowd

People of Pig sign are too restrained to say their love out loud and tend to wait for a long time before declaration. When a Pig person falls for you, he/she can see you at a glance in the crowd and just cannot tell you directly that he/she loves you but resolve his/her lovesickness in this way.

Always Be There For You

Pig people are ineloquent and poor at sweet words and they often show their real feelings. If a person of Pig sign loves you, he/she will always be there for you whether you are sad or happy and this is the exact way he/she shows love. When you find a Pig person keeps accompanying you silently, then he/she must have a crush on you. 

Go Anywhere with You

Pig people are on call at all times whenever needed by their love and even would go anywhere the latter wants to be, either a window-shopping or a trip at any time. Perhaps a Pig with a crush on you does not know how to play tricks to please you but his/her sincerity is absolutely beyond doubt.

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