Male Pig Personality Traits

Male Pigs are low-key, cheerful, mild-tempered, good-natured, understanding and dedicated, showing insightful views for many things. Friendly and generous as they are, they would always leave some leeway, never argue a point to death and could forgive others for honest mistakes. Also, they are industrious, simple and willing to participate in various activities, and make all-out efforts for their duties. However, men under the Pig sign can be easily deceived since they often trust others readily.


Good Reputation
Seemingly silly, male Pigs enjoy the good reputation. In daily life, they keep their words and would try every means to fulfill the commitments. Therefore, they are usually respected and supported by others.

Pig men are somewhat those of great wisdom who appear slow-witted. Apparently, they know nothing; actually, they see everything and master the overall and the part proficiently. They can usually do something that others can't do and display the modest side for this. In a word, male Pigs are wise and intelligent.

Many people think that male Pigs are lazy but it is not true - they are quite diligent in both action and thinking; they think so much that every action is within the control of their hands. In daily life, they are hard-working and they know it clearly that only the hard work can bring them a better life.


One of the flaws of male Pigs is that they are arrogant. They always think they are competent and powerful, thus set the high bar. However, the higher they stand, the more painful they will be when fall down. The poor self-evaluation of strength is adverse to their development. Therefore, they are suggested to evaluate themselves carefully to go further and higher in the future.

Though outwardly cheerful, Pig men are a little stubborn. Their cheerful side mainly lies in that they are willing to listen to the suggestions. However, this is just on the surface. In fact, they will stick to their original ideas.

Easily Deceived
When male Pigs decide something, they won't change their minds easily, especially in love relationship. Once they start a relationship, they will trust the other side, even if they are deceived. Sometimes deception is also a kind of happiness for them. The blind mindset, however, is bad for their development.

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