Female Pig Personality Traits

In terms of living, females under the Pig sign are quite optimistic. They don't have high standards for living quality and only seek peace and kindness. Female Pigs are so kind-hearted that they often trust others readily and be tricked; even so, they seldom blame those who have cheated them but choose to escape and act as if nothing had happened. As a result, many people think Pig women are free from trouble.

When it comes to life, Pig women hold a passionate attitude and they often take part in various activities. Sincere and frank as they are, they never make an enemy and are not calculating, holding a philosophical and generous attitude. When you stay with them, you will find they are quite humorous and behave elegantly, thus loved by everyone and enjoy great popularity.

As for love relationship, women under the Pig sign are gentle and kind-hearted and they are the perfect match for a lot of males. They are emotional women who know their own mind and listen to the advice of others. In face of female Pigs, males often want to protect them. Therefore, they are usually the blessed.


Frank and Honest
One of the major virtues of female Pigs lies in their frankness and honesty. They are insistent, easy-going and are given to emotional displays. At the same time, they are good at hiding away the inner thoughts from others. They always show the best side and true nature, treat others with sincerity and are full of positive energy.

Self-esteem and Self-respect
Female Pigs have a good notion of self-esteem and self-respect. Usually, they won't put themselves in an embarrassing position and would find solutions in difficulties to change the situation. In daily life, they respect others and are respected by others. They take every step carefully and never do something which they may regret later.

Warm-hearted, loving and helpful as they are, Pig women find it happy and contented to offer help and often participate in public welfare activities actively. In this way, they help others and make their own life meaning and full of positive energy.


Overly Simple
In pursuit of the peaceful life, females of the Pig sign are fond of the simple life and would like to read information and handle things simply. The overly simple attitude, however, often puts them in a passive position. When a problem is considered from an overly simple approach, many key points will be ignored, which is irresponsible for others and themselves.

Lack of Patience
When you stay or work with Pig women, you will find they are overly simple, lack of patience and poor at doing the work requiring perseverance, because it is hard for them to concentrate. They prefer to the carefree life and would get impatient for the complicated things.

Overly Conventional
Holding a conservative thinking, female Pigs are often subject to the traditional thoughts and not open-minded in doing things. The overly conventional thinking tends to be an obstacle in their career prospects.

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