The Female Pig in Love

Female Pigs are gentle, kind, sentimental and regarded as the lovely girlfriends or wives by their men. Every man wants to protect and pursue them. On the other hand, they are inherently unruly and stubborn though seldom display it. After getting married, Pig women can be good mothers and they are the supporters of old typed marriage - like to be taken care of rather than take the initiative. 

Female Pigs' Attitude towards Love

In courtship, Pig women are fragile, passive, easily hurt and submit to their boyfriends. Full of prince & princess stories in mind, they can hardly be moved. Since they often indulge in fantasy, it is hard to figure out what they are thinking about. But on the other hand, it is easy because they like the romantic ways in idol dramas, such as fireworks, roses and gifts. 

How Should Female Pigs Maintain Love Relationship

Even if their boyfriends are worlds apart from the Mr. Right imaged, girls under the Pig sign would get involved passionately and fall in the sweet romance. They are faithful to their men and willing to give their all for love. However, it is the excessive self-sacrifice that makes them bother about personal gains or losses; the more afraid of getting hurt, the more vulnerable they are. Nowadays, no one can guarantee that the present love can last for the whole life. In consequence, Girls born in Pig years are suggested not to be overly obsessed with love but keep cool-headed. Otherwise, they can easily get hurt. 

How to Know How Much a Female Pig Loves You

No one can match Pig women in terms of the longing for romantics. Since they have a great longing for romantics, it is easy to figure out whether they want to get married. If your girlfriend under the Pig sign smiles and comes to you with a travel magazine, embracing you gently and telling you her ideas, arrangements and planning for honeymoon trip, it is beyond any doubt that she wants to take on the romantic journey as quickly as possible. When you find your girl is like this, do not be upset but treat her sincerely. In this way, she will feel warn inside and love you more.  

What Kind of Men Do Pig Women Like?

1) Romantic and Amorous Men
The cheerful Pig women seek romance and look forward to the romantic relationship. They hope that their boyfriends can be as romantic as actors in romance plays even if not so handsome. Hence, they are easily attracted by romantic and amorous men who like to pleasantly surprise their women and dislike the dull and boring men. 
2) Warm and Optimistic Men
The optimistic female Pigs seldom quarrel with others in daily life. In their eyes, to be angry is to punish themselves with the mistakes of others, so they rarely get angry. While choosing partners, they prefer the cheerful who often smile to the poker-faced who are depressed in life. 
3) Gentle and Considerate Men
The gentle, kind-hearted and caring women of Pig sign generally wish to marry men who can take care of them and bear their flaws. As a result, they like the gentle and considerate men who often look after others rather than those who are chauvinistic and taken care of by others. 

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