Pig people of B-type blood are bold, straightforward and aggressive, and never stick to trifles. However, they are heavyhearted and impetuous, which will lead to failure.


B-type Pig people are frank, sincere and full of vitality and unruly beauty. They work in an unrestrained and frank way regardless of details and hate to do things sloppily. Bold and energetic, they move towards the fixed goal vigorously and never delay the best time to execute and invest because of hesitation. Once entrusted an important mission, they won't freeze up and always stand by their words. Meanwhile, Pigs of B-type blood are approachable, broad-minded rather than proud and they never bully or bear grudges. They hold a bold and frank attitude towards love and pay more than others. Simple-minded, well-behaved and kind, they don't pose much competition with others and hate to lie unless by absolute necessity. They are not sociable and seldom take the initiative to make friends, yet take meticulous care about the true friends. As optimists, B-type Pigs always can make a living without working hard and seldom freeze up in public - their bold and light-headed behaviors are funny and eye-catching.


Their negligence is reflected in both work and interpersonal relationship. They never read the minds of others or consider about what to say, thus often hurt others by the direct words. Female Pigs of B-type blood are not charming and tender enough though not nagging and gloomy at all.


B-type Pigs should check more after finishing a task to minimize the mistake. Also, they are suggested to speak mildly rather than too directly. Males may find a beautiful, careful, gentle and understanding wife while females may have a handsome, smart, sophisticated and tolerant husband to encourage and complement each other.