Horse women and ox male good??


Always small thing quarrel with boyfriend but when come to serious thing both cant handle it. Continue relationships? Or not? And the ox really dont seem to understand me ,Sometime i myself as a horse really hate n love ox attitudes.... 5 years relationships going break off... break or not?

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Hi Peony,

In Chinese zodiac, Ox and Horse harms each other. Female Horse + Male Ox is not an ideal match, since it's hard for you to cooperate harmoniously and to understand each other. You have the 5 years relationship and if you want to be together, both of you should try to understand each other and communicate more.

If you want to get married, there are measures to reduce the harm: choose a lucky day with Si (巳), You (酉), Yin (寅) and Xu (戌) to hold the wedding; choose a groomsman or bridesmaid under the sign of snake or rooster and choose a groomsman or bridesmaid under the sign of tiger or dog; give birth to a child in the year of snake or tiger. From the perspective of Feng Shui, you may choose a house with the main bedroom in northeast or southeast. Besides, you may place a snake or tiger decoration or wear such a jewelry: tiger for horse and snake for ox.

Good luck.
But sometime i told him what i dont like and what i want he dont seem like understand me at all and my feeling to him is like faded. By the way thanks for the reply!
It is basic similar thing as confidence and harmony in these Chinese Zodiac signs as co

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