Rooster's Fate by Birth Time

Zi Shi (Time Period of Zi or Rat Time) 23:00-01:00:

Rooster people born during the Zi Period from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m will get support from ancestors, have a successful career and live comfortably. However, they have no high aim, can hardly make great contributions to society and often be troubled by villains. Sometimes, they feel lost, which will lead to unnecessary loss and failure. Besides, they are sentimental, romantic, faithless and bad at protecting themselves, thus often have troubles in a relationship. In five elements, You (the earthly branch of Rooster) belongs to metal while Zi (the earthly branch of Rat) belongs to water; metal and water mutually generates, so Rooster people born in this period will make certain achievement.

Chou Shi (Time Period of Chou or Ox Time) 01:00-03:00:

Rooster people born during the Chou Period will get the lifelong happiness and live comfortably to their heart's desire. They are short-tempered, bold, brave and not afraid of violence and disaster, thus can always stand up from difficult situations. Most of them are righteous, thus popular and respected by local people. In addition, they are distinguished, smart and studious and like art, painting and calligraphy; they have superior insight and special talent, and often become high officials. However, they are often framed up by villains and will not be famous for the career but for their courage and personal loyalty.

Yin Shi (Time Period of Yin or Tiger Time) 03:00-05:00:

Rooster people born during this period are always nice-looking, have a long face and enjoy good health. They are upright and honest and live an easy and carefree life but they tend to be capricious and often have misunderstanding with others, leading to unnecessary losses.

Mao Shi (Time Period of Mao or Rabbit Time) 05:00-07:00:

Rooster people born in the Mao Period will suffer from setbacks and live a life full of twists and turns. Although they are smart, they are eccentric and can hardly get along with others. Being amorous, they often involve in the emotional disputes and live a restless life. Also, they often offend others and cause many troubles and quarrels. Therefore, they should learn more and believe that knowledge is power; cultivate their morality and change their eccentric character. Otherwise, they can hardly enjoy the peaceful life.

Chen Shi (Time Period of Chen or Dragon Time) 07:00-09:00: Good

Chen (the earthly branch of Dragon) is compatible with You (the earthly branch of Rooster); Chen belongs to earth while You belongs to metal and the two elements mutually generate each other. Therefore, Rooster people born in this period are tender and honest, and they often practice what they preach; also, they are stubborn and often persist their old ways and turn a deaf ear to others' advice. Whether in terms of official career or wealth, they will be supported by the benefactor, get a high position and develop the career smoothly. They tend to live a happy and comfortable life.

Si Shi (Time Period of Si or Snake Time) 09:00-11:00:

Rooster people born during the Si Period will experience ups and downs in life, enjoy happiness, suffer setbacks and succeed or fail easily. However, they will be tempered in the continual failures and finally become successful. They should consider the situation, play to the score, be free from arrogance and impetuosity and keep a peaceful mind whether in glory or poverty, so as to get the steady development and avoid the crushing defeat.

Wu Shi (Time Period of Wu or Horse Time) 11:00-13:00: (Good)

Rooster people born during the Wu Period are born to be smart, capable and experienced and live a happy and glorious life. They can get help from relatives and benefactors to build a great and flourishing career. However, their amorousness will bring bad influence to their career, so they should restrain the bad habits.

Wei Shi (Time Period of Wei or Horse Time) 13:00-15:00:

Rooster people born in this period are versatile and smart and they often get help from others and make a career in other places. They tend to live a hard early life, have improved luck in middle age and enjoy a happy life in old age.

Shen Shi (Time Period of Shen or Monkey Time) 15:00-17:00: (Good)

Rooster people born during the Shen Period are kind-hearted and filial and they are blessed with happiness and richness and have a harmonious family. Also, they are ambitious, innocent and studious in youth, and attain both loyalty and filial piety; they will get rich or prestigious, be admired and universally known; live a glorious life in old age and enjoy good health. As the fortune-teller says, this kind of destiny consists of three stages: in early age, they work hard and get married early; in middle age, they gradually get rich and become successful; in old age, they enjoy high position and great wealth. However, they should make friends with the prominent people of noble character and high prestige and strengthen the self-cultivation. Otherwise, they will suffer from disasters inevitably.

You Shi (Time Period of You or Rooster Time) 17:00-19:00:

Rooster people born during the You Period will live a happy, peaceful, carefree and comfortable life. Due to the elder generation's help and the benefactor's support, they can always be well-content no matter in official career or wealth. However, they have a plain relationship with brothers and sisters and will experience ups and downs in life. Under the influence of the General Star in charge of power, they will be talented in organization, leadership and command to break through under the adverse situation, so they not only have the ability of being in power, but also can come to real power. Those blessed by the General Star will be illustrious and influential in officialdom if there is no destruction; what's more, they will be in power and live a peaceful, happy, well-content and carefree life if the four pillars are in harmony with each other.

Xu Shi (Time Period of Xu or Dog Time) 19:00-21:00:

Under the influence of Yi Ma (驿马) star, Rooster people born in this period will work in other places and live a busy life. They tend to leave the hometown in youth and start a career in other places to get good results. But they will suffer setbacks in marriage, thus should be loyal to love and never change about; otherwise, they will have unnecessary troubles. In old age, they will be influenced by the inauspicious star Sang Men (丧门) and should avoid visiting a patient or attending a funeral, or their children will have diseases. Therefore, they should be careful to avoid accidents which bode disasters rather than blessings

Hai Shi (Time Period of Hai or Pig Time) 21:00-23:00: (Good)

Rooster people born during Hai Period tend to attach great importance to career and live a well-fed and well-clothed life. They are smart, agile, good at managing, honest and upright and always attach great importance to career. Despite the lack of parents' help, they can make the career on track and accomplish something with their intelligence and hard work. In later years, they will be influenced by the inauspicious stars like Wang Shen (亡神) and Fei Lian (飞廉) and suffer from disputes.

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