Monkey Horoscope 2017 Predictions


* The prediction is valid for 2017 (year of the Rooster) starting from January 28, 2017 and lasting to February 15, 2018.

Overall Rating: 4 stars
In the year of 2017, you people under the animal sign of Monkey finally can breathe a sigh of relief because you have had a difficult year in 2016 and bad luck in various aspects due to the fact of conflicting Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter), thus have consumed most of your energy. Fortunately, the situation will be improved in 2017 and your luck will change completely. Due to the blessing of the auspicious star Hongluan (红鸾), you will have significantly improved luck in a new year and Hongluan will bring you good luck in love relationship and benefit your luck with the benefactor in terms of career and wealth. Therefore, you should brace up to greet a new year with improved luck.

Astrology Elements in 2017
Auspicious Direction: North, Southeast; Avoid: Northwest
Lucky Colors: Yellow, Beige; Avoid: Red, Pink
Lucky Numbers: 1, 9
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Rat, Dragon; Harmful Zodiac Signs: Pig, Tiger, Snake, Monkey
Auspicious Direction for Love: West
Auspicious Direction for Wealth: East
Auspicious Direction for Study: West
Auspicious Direction for Career: South


Rating: 4 stars
Just relieving from clashing with Tai Sui, you Monkeys will have obviously better luck in wealth than the previous year. Although you will be unlikely to have large income, your wealth will be stable, especially the income from work. The steady job will be more suitable for you in this year and you may get stable income as long as you work carefully. You workers will have good luck in wealth and the work of you national civil servants with fixed salary will go smoothly; you may encounter some difficulties in work, but finally you will solve the problems in time. For the sales personnel, you will sweep away the bad luck in last year and get slowly improved performance. If you are a boss, it is important to note that you should invest and loan out of your own practical situation. For entrepreneurs, you should keep a good relationship with subordinates; otherwise, you will suffer from a resignation wave, making the company cannot operate properly due to the lack of staff. You'd better be an onlooker in terms of investing and never invest rashly to avoid loss of wealth.


Rating: 3 stars
In 2017, you Moneys will have improved luck in career. Under the influence of the meeting with your animal year, you Monkeys have encountered many problems in work in the previous year; fortunately, you will have improved interpersonal relationship under the blessing of the auspicious star Hongluan, so you will not work alone but get help from colleagues, friends and family members, thus more likely to have a new development.

It is worth mentioning that despite the blessing of auspicious stars, you will also affected by the inauspicious stars, such as Bingfu (病符) and Wangshen (亡神) which will have quite obvious influence on you. Wangshen will mainly affect your mood and to be simple, it will make you Monkeys prone to have wrong career decisions and judgments, leading to the complete change of the originally normal development speed. Therefore, stabilizing your attitude and treating your career development correctly will be very important. Also, they are the simplest ways to avoid losses.

Love Relationship

Rating: 4 stars
Hongluan Star itself is an auspicious star in charge of people's marriage and love, so you Monkeys under its blessing will have very good development in love relationship. Specifically, your interpersonal relationship will have a great change and the added opposite-sex friends will improve your luck with the opposite sex. If you are single, you can give yourself a free hand to pursue the beautiful love belonging to you. If you are in love, you may choose a lucky day to hold a wedding ceremony. If you are married, you will live a smooth marriage life and have no serious problem despite some quarrels.

Under the blessing of the auspicious star Hongluan. However, you will be affected by the inauspicious star Guasu (寡宿), so you female Monkeys will suffer from long-term separation despite the good relationship with husband. You single female Monkeys will tend to be high-hearted, which will indirectly weaken your charm; you female Monkeys in love will always separate with your boyfriends due to the frequent business trip or social engagement. Fortunately, the damage of Guasu will be restrained due to the blessing of Hongluan.


Rating: 3 stars
Health will be the most important problem for you Monkeys in 2017. You will have bad luck in health in the first half year but the situation will be improved in the latter half of the year. In the previous year, you Monkeys clashed with Tai Sui and had a poor health due to the influence of the inauspicious star Bingfu but the situation will be improved in the year of Rooster, during which you will have improved interpersonal relationship and good mood, thus more vigorous. With the overall improved good luck, you will have fewer chances to have accidents but still need to beware of food safety. You will have more social engagements requiring drinking, so you should keep an eye on stomach diseases. Under the influence of the inauspicious star Tiangou (天狗), you need to pay attention to body injury and traffic safety while driving.

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