Female Sheep/Goat Personality Traits

Female Sheep are thoughtful, initiative, sociable, tender, easy-going and sacrificing, and they can deal with everything properly. Introverted and diligent, they worry about their family and work hard like an iron fist in a velvet glove. Their prudent attitude makes others feel quite reliable. Also, Sheep women are sentimental, delicate, considerate, filial, enduring and motivated, and they can bear hardships and stand hard work. At the same time, they are subjective, stubborn, mysterious and mostly devout believers in ghosts.

In daily life, female Sheep are capable wives shrewd in money matters and they would spend a lot of time on making up and dressing up to show their beauty. They do things slowly like a china doll and behave dignifiedly. Every day, they would put a bunch of flowers in their rooms to enhance youthful vitality. With a morbid fear of getting dirty, they make everywhere clear and tidy.

In a relationship, female Sheep are quite dependent due to the inherent sense of insecure and cannot live a better life without the tolerance and help of their partners. Also, they show the utmost solicitude and are pretty demanding on their partners. The gentle and graceful female Sheep are never in lack of pursuers. They would show their love to the loved ones openly and frankly, stay with each other all the day and take their lovers as the most reliable people.

When it comes to career, they are beloved and supported by the people and can seize the opportunities to develop business. Sometimes, they are pessimistic and irresolute, trust to luck and hate the donkey work.


This is the most intuitive strength of female Sheep. Though it is not a trait unique to Sheep women, no other zodiac signs can be more meticulous than them. Delicate women can be good partners for men as they can give gentle care, soft words and the most intimate comfort to their husbands. Meanwhile, meticulous women are good subordinates who can work carefully without any mistake or omission. As a result, female Sheep are good partners and employees and they can get along with everyone. Once you stay with a Sheep woman, she will always remind you of details in life and help you to stay away from many losses.

Steady and Generous
Female Sheep are steady and persistent. They never give up readily at any time and can make people feel at ease. Also, they value the affection with friends and relatives and treat the latter generously.

Tender and Dignified
Just like the meek sheep, they are tender and considerate. Most of them are dignified and keep the environment clean and tidy. Sheep women are usually well-dressed and meticulous in designing their clothing matching. They would spend a lot of time on makeup to look young forever.


Female Sheep tend to focus on the emotional level and they are always short of love, as if their lovers are not so in them. The sentimental Sheep women, full of feminine charm, are attractive to every man as they can arouse the male chauvinism. Once you stay with them for a long time, however, you will find their sensibility a burden.

Female Sheep are insatiable despite the good aptitude and opportunity. They just think they are not happy and no one knows why they are so insatiable.

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