Male Sheep/Goat Personality Traits

Male Sheep are kind-hearted, meek, peace-loving, gentle and benevolent. Also, they are family-oriented, frugal, cordial, nature-loving, and generous both in time and money. When their friends come down in the world, they usually offer help generously with money. Sometimes, they are too pessimistic, shilly-shally and anxious to see the positive side and often submit to the will of Heaven.

In life, Sheep men are meek, kind-hearted, sentimental and even a little shy. In the face of life, they are elegant artists or creative workers good at creating a romantic atmosphere. However, they are introverted, always stay in a small circle and can't separate from family and favorite food.

When it comes to love relationship, male Sheep tend to take on a bumpy other than flat road and hold a compassionate attitude towards life. The sympathy Sheep men are often moved by delicate and touching girls. In fact, they love those virtuous girls who can be their strong backing and are trustable.

As for career, male Sheep prefer the relaxed and pleasant working environment rather than tense atmosphere.


Introverted and Mature
Male Sheep don't like to show off. Instead, they are not boastful and often keep a low key. Compared with the peers, they are more mature, insightful, considerate and understanding and they can behave properly rather than extremely. In a word, male Sheep are introverted, calm, elegant and profound.

Generally, they won't make noise in public as they think it will influence others and is inelegant. They usually speak elegantly and they are good listeners who can listen to you quietly, give advice or comfort warmly; they can teach you sincerely like an eider and make you suddenly enlightened, so that you will feel they are really nice friends!

Male Sheep don't like to argue with others and they give priority to harmony rather than personal gains or losses. They wish to see the peace and consider disputes meaningless nut harmful to peace. In their eyes, it is meaningless to figure out who is right, who is wrong, or who get more, because they think ''giving up something you will get more from other things''. When they see others quarrel, Sheep men will mediate and persuade them to live in peace. Only the mature and open-minded people can get such kind of insight!


Ignorant, Fragile and Hesitant
Among the diversity of character traits, being ignorant is quite typical. For example, they often offend people without realizing it and think they are innocent when listed in the blacklist of others. In fact, male Sheep feel wronged and no one wants to be hated without reason. What's more, they are too fragile to stand great pressure from interpersonal relationship. Therefore, the gentle Sheep men are subject to others' influence and can collapse completely once they meet minor hardships. If you have a male friend under the Sheep sign, remember to offer him more help and space.

Besides, ''Herd Effect'' is a prominent flaw of male Sheep who often follow the trend and hardly show their personal characteristics and strengths. Also, they tend to be pessimistic and negative, pause and ponder in considering a matter or making a decision, and finally trust to luck unconsciously.

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