Female Rooster Personality Traits

Female Roosters are simple, unadorned, practical, delicate, caring and considerate. Generally, they are family-oriented and take care of their families very well. Always passionate and in pursuit of perfection, women under the Rooster sign are more pragmatic than men and they are not boastful or conceited. Instead, they act decisively and never do things sloppily. However, they are emotional, vain and verbally careless, which is the biggest resistance in social contact.

Rooster women are pretty and practical in life, and they are the typical charming lady who can serve as a secretary and a cook at the same time. Delicate and hardworking, they can manage to balance work and life and would not make themselves aggrieved in work or life. Generally, Rooster women work efficiently and seldom bring work into life.

From the perspective of life, they have clear goals, excellent management skills and strong desire to show off and they like to realize the meaning of life by acting. In the face of life, they enjoy being praised and care about other people's view, thus often show the best side.

Despite of many suitors around, female Roosters are quite discerning, which makes them single. Compared with love and relationship, they pay more attention to career and stand out with outstanding performance, great competence and strong sense of responsibility. But such fine qualities are not suitable for love relationship.


Diligent, Calm and Eloquent
With a calm attitude towards work, Rooster women have the ambition of modern trendsetters. They are quick-witted, lavish in praise of others, frank, active, brave, resourceful, witty, concentrated, diligent, generous and passionate. Meanwhile, the argumentative and convincing female Roosters make friends widely, consider carefully, maintain strict discipline, have a strong sense of responsibility and hate the idlers.

Simple and Unadorned
Simple and unadorned, female Roosters are willing to work and they are women of action with excellent management ability and strong desire to show off. They want to be authority figures and get everybody's appreciation. Full of enthusiasm, they try to be perfect no matter what they do and you will be infected by their spirit fighting will and firm perseverance as a friend or coworker. Once offered the space, they would give full play to their talents.

Saving and Sacrificing
Female Roosters are born with a lot of economic merits, such as saving, generous to offer help and sacrificing for friends. Because of this, many people want to make friends with them.


Too Much Pursuit of Perfection
Just like Virgo girls, Rooster women are also perfectionists who have no resistance to beauty, love and pursue beauty and always think about becoming beautiful. Sometimes, beauty can be their poison which makes them get lost. When beauty becomes a tool, it will be no longer genuine.

As Innocent as Children
As innocent as children, female Roosters will not force themselves when they don't want to think and they may get lost when treated well by someone. This is a real headache. What's more, they often believe in what others say readily like the innocent children. However, reality is cruel and it is very important for them to develop the judgment.

Selfish and Harsh
The selfish and harsh Rooster women are self-centered and tend to engage in idle theorizing rather than put into practice. Also, they are fond of blowing their own horn, always put them first, and rarely think about others.

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