Male Rooster Personality Traits

Men under the Rooster sign are clever, capable, serious, frank and decisive, featuring excellent organizational skills. The persnickety male Roosters dare to point out violence directly and criticize sharply, and pursue perfection for everything. No matter what they do, they would follow the rules established and cannot understand those who are non-conforming. They would do all they can to offer help.

In daily life, male Roosters are good at money management and they can pinch pennies on family expenses to make both ends meet. As good housekeepers, they also like to deal with all sorts of tough work and could do the things assigned very well. Once the matters are too complicated or arduous, however, they can be emotional and lose temper.

In terms of love and relationship, male Roosters prefer the lively maidens to the mature office ladies. In a relationship, they are just like kids looking for candy and need the honeyed words from their lovers. Therefore, do not forget to praise your boyfriend if he is under the Rooster sign. In marriage, they demand freedom and equality, believe in mutual respect and hate the quarrels.

Talented in dealing with affairs and hard work, Rooster men tend to start a career at a young age and make achievements early in life. They usually restrain their active personality in a rigorous and temperate way and they are good at listening to the advice of others. Although not necessarily making great achievements, the enterprising male Roosters can also gain a lot.


Desired to look attractive, male Roosters often dress up very fashionably. Fashion is not only embodied in their clothes, but also in their minds. They keep thinking about how to go ahead of times and how to be successful. It is the fashion mind that guides them to keep moving forward and making progress.

With no resistance to beauty, Rooster men love beautiful people, things and works and they are highly demanding for themselves and life. In a word, they just would not stop pursuing perfection.

Kind-hearted and Sweet
Rooster men are kind-hearted and sweet. When someone around is in a dilemma, they would be the spiritual support, care about him/her and make him/her feel that things are not so bad even if they can do nothing to help. Therefore, they are the typical sweet guy in the eyes of people.


Impulsive and Irritable
Male Roosters, with a dual personality, are sometimes sweet and sometimes irritable. In daily life, they attach great importance to their appearance and individuality. When someone challenges their appearance, they tend to become furious and very unconvinced; they often act on impulsion and could not wait to do something once determined. As the saying goes, ''a good gain takes long pain'' - impulsion would make them get more kicks than halfpence and lead to failure.

The self-centered Rooster men like the holiday words and are demanding on others rather than themselves. While offering help generously, they want to get return. In this way, they can hardly make true friends.

The biggest flaw of male Roosters is that they are too softhearted. No matter what they have suffered or how seriously they have been hurt, they would forgive once those who hurt them yield and say sorry. They just cannot stand tears and would sympathize when someone cries. Since they are extremely softhearted, they get hurt easily.

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