It is possible to stop love someone based on zodiac sign?


Hello, I have maybe too delicate request on you. I was wondering if you could help me somehow. I want to stop love / unlove a snake man (fire). I am rooster woman (water), I love him (He know it) but He does not love me. We need to be in touch due our job. He is also my leader. Thank you for your advice. Have a nice day!

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Snake man is usually goodlooking, charming and attractive. If he shows he doesn't love you. You need to control youself to love him. However, you are stubbon and usually couldn't listen to other's advice and insist on loving him. So, the only way to solve this is you leave him far a way. Change the job if it's possible. Or, your life will be greatly affected.
Hello Jane,

thank you for your response. As you already know I am "stubbon and usually couldn't listen to other's advice", however now I really need some advice. As I love this job I don't want to change it, I don't want Him to love me. All I want to change is my own approach to him and my way to thinking about Him. I know that I need to control myself, but I don't know how to do this. He is very charming and I know, that when I am with Him I couldn't even see clearly the things as they are. I feel almost hopeless.
Could you advise me please
Thank you so much p
I think you need your friend to introduce some other good man to you. Then, your attention on him will be shifed.

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