Male Rat Personality Traits

Male Rats are diligent, positive and intolerant of the undisciplined and profligate attitude of others. With a good memory, they love to ask questions and tend to be mild and rarely impulsive.
In life, men under the Rat sign are gregarious and they act quickly in social occasions. Also, they boast keen intuition, foresight and business acumen.
As for love relationship, males under the Rat sign usually fall for those who are gentle, courteous, considerate, cultured and reasonable. They never have a rush for quick results or fall in love readily because once they start a relationship they will try to make it a marriage. Even if they meet the one they love deeply, they will mull over whether they are suitable and whether they can give the loved one happiness. Generally, male Rats often think of others first, pay out without regret and never ask for payback. 
In career, men of Rat sign won't experience marked ups and downs because they prefer to be ordinary and do their duties well for sake of security. However, it does not mean they're mediocre. Instead, they are very serious about their work and will explore from it to settle down and then look for opportunities. They are determined to lay a foundation for the future and make a long-term plan for a happy life.


Cheerful and Optimistic
Male Rats are the most cheerful and optimistic among the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. They are joyful and good at people skills. Their cheerful attitude appeals to people around and makes everyone as happy as they are! Such mindset and personality bring them a lot of friends. 
Smart and Intelligent
In addition, male Rats are smart and intelligent. Featuring a good memory and comprehension, they are popular in workplace, preferred and trusted by superiors. Hence, they usually make great achievements in cause with unique vision, intelligence and wisdom.
Meticulous and Responsible
Male Rats are quite meticulous. Though not handsome, they would stand out and win girls' hearts imperceptibly with the considerate manner. With a strong sense of responsibility, they would be responsible for their wives and families for the whole life and would not divorce readily once they get married.


Being calculating is the major flaw of male Rats. In daily life, they would calculate everywhere, from grocery shopping to family and workplace. The more you deal with them, the more you will find that they would not tolerate any loss. As a result, you'd better be careful in dealing with them.
Short-tempered and Inflexible
Besides, they are inflexible and a bit short-tempered, thus cannot calm down to listen to the advice of others or accept criticism. This kind of temper imposes restrictions on their career development to a great extent.

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