Why is my life so void?


Hi, I'm a male wood dog, born 6/8/1994, 6:28 pm to a metal rat and metal ox. I have been trying to leave home for three years and have made no progress, the few friends I had have all vanished, I have never been able to sustain a job, which basically makes me unworkable at this age, and I have never experienced a romantic relationship despite being in love a few times. Additionally people have started to look at me with expressions of anger and disgust. What is my problem? All year I've been trying to improve my life, but it just isn't happening. That actually describes how I feel about my life in general, that it just isn't happening, that nothing comes about from it, that nothing sticks. Why is that?

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Hi Will,

Metal chops down the Wood and Dog and Rat are not compatible. So, you may not compatible with your parents. In fact, under the dog sign, you are independent, honest, reliable and considerate, and often communicate with others in a well-behaved manner. You will be frustrated in middle age and have good luck in making money in old age. However, sometimes you are shrewd in money matters and even haggle over every ounce with your friends who may feel objectionable. I'm not sure why your friends leave you but you should check your self problem and correct in order to have more friends. Also, you'd better sum up of the experiences and lessons from every failure of your love relationship. Be positive and don't lose your heart, I think everything will turn to be better as long as you try to change your character, cultivate more good habits and learn more good ways to get along with people.

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