I am a female dog I in love with rat man


How can work a relationship dog woman and rat man

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Hi Julieth,

First you need to know his character. In general, the Rat people are intelligent, charming, quick-witted, practical, ambitious, and good at economizing as well as social activities. At the same time they are timid, stubborn, wordy, greedy, devious, too eager for power and love to gossip. As he is smart, you would have no worry about your materialistic life after your marriage.

In love, a dutiful wife and loving mother should be a top priority for them in love. He likes the girls who respect him. If you could communicate more with him, that would be better for you to learn him and let him know your thought. Communication and resection are two things you need to have in your life.

In Chinese culture, Dog and Rat could be compatible with each other. So, you could enjoy a good love life in the future.

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