Female Rat Personality Traits

Female Rats are optimists who are cheerful, hardworking, frugal, highly adaptable and popular among people. Also, they are clean, versatile, brilliant, resourceful and family-oriented women every man wants to marry.
In life, women under the Rat sign often impress others with their overly frugal attitude. They always buy the second-hand goods, divide a meal into several and make every effort to cut down family expenses. If the family does need money, however, they would be unstintingly generous.
In terms of career, female Rats are quite work-oriented. Almost unlike any other women, Rat women would manage everything like their cause.
When it comes to relationship, female Rats are quite traditional and they wish their children and parents could live a better life. Generally speaking, they easily fall for men under the Ox sign because they think they could depend on male Oxen. 
As for the attitude towards life, Rat women are natural optimists who enjoy great popularity and have many friends. Extremely family-oriented, they take much count of family life and are good at housekeeping, waiting for their husbands and children to go home for the warm life. 


Meticulous and Considerate
The most prominent trait of female Rats lies in their meticulousness. They could perceive the emotional changes and personal preferences of everyone around. Sometimes, a detail could tell a lot of things and change your impression on someone. Female Rats are very kind-hearted because they often start with details.
Diligent and Thrifty
Sensitive to money and good at money management, female Rats tend to pinch pennies in running the household. They are quick-witted and clever and could manage the household in perfect order industriously and thriftily, thus the good partners.
Hard-working and Positive
Women under the Rat sign are hardworking and positive whether at home or at work. Even if they get married, they would continue to work with a serious and responsible attitude and could win the trust of coworkers and the high opinion of boss. On the other hand, they are good at running family and creating a warm atmosphere for their families.
Flexible and Behaved
Another outstanding merit is that they are flexible and behaved. They are so quick-minded and adaptable that they could acclimatize themselves easily. Furthermore, they are good at listening to others' opinions, discard the dross and select the essential, see their shortcomings from others' suggestions and correct.


Female Rats are quite impulsive and short-tempered. Whenever something happens, they would act impulsively and find it hard to think calmly or weigh pros and cons rationally, making others think they are quite reckless and impulsive.
The nagging female Rats talk a lot in daily life and you don't need to worry about no topics when staying with them, because they would chat with you on one after another topic. Of course, sometimes you would find they are quite nagging.

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